Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mt. Uragay Spring

Itching to go for a swim?
Living in Cebu City and all the above suggestions are too far for you? Then try the cold spring in Carmen, Cebu—Mt. Uragay Spring. Carmen is just 40 km from Cebu City. Mt. Uragay Spring can be reached by taking a north bound bus, then alighting at the Carmen Public Market (or at the turn off before Carmen National High School, if you can spot the signboard for Mt Urugay Spring). Then take a motorcycle to the spring (if you want to walk, it's about 5km from the highway). Sorry, I can't provide estimated fares as I only hitched a ride with friends.

Brgy. Corte, Carmen, Cebu
(032) 429 8200

Entrance Fees:
Adult Php 50 / Child Php 25

Table only Php 100
Table with 4 chairs Php 150
Single Cottage Php 300
Family Cottage Php 500

Parking Fees:
Car Php 15
Motorcycle Php 10

Corkage Fee:
Drinks/Beer Php 50/case

This is a simple place with simple amenities. The basics are provided: tables and chairs or an open cottage (both for a fee), changing rooms, and a small sari-sari store at the entrance if you want some drinks and snacks. If you plan to have lunch/dinner there, best to bring your own food.

Mt. Uragay Spring has two pools. The smaller one (on the mid left of the photo above) is shallow, made especially for kids. The large pool is quite deep and very cold. For those who don't know how to swim, you might want to stay on the sides or deprive kids of space at the kiddie pool.


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    1. Kung ganahan ka magrelax na magkurog sa katugnaw hehehe jk

  2. naay rooms for rent? pila pod

    1. Please call the number posted above. Hopefully the number is still the same.

  3. is their any package for this vacation? and how much its cist?