Monday, November 11, 2013

My Greek Taverna

What is a taverna? A taverna is a small restaurant serving Greek food.

What is a Greek taverna? A redundancy.

What is My Greek Taverna? It is...not mine.

Where is My Greek Taverna? My Greek Taverna is in Mango Square, along Mango Avenue, across One Mango. Just remember those three mangoes and you'll find it.

What's in My Greek Taverna? The taverna serves gyros, pitas, kebabs, and salads. Prices range from Php85 to Php215.

Please excuse the crappy photo of the menu.

How's the food at My Greek Taverna? It was okay. I wasn't wowed by it. But I was wowed by the, it's so expensive! I could get twice the size somewhere else for the same price of their half serving of kebab. It won't be Greek food, but it's the same concept as a gyro/kebab. Hint: shawarma.

I requested for the gyro and the Doner Kebab to be portioned into three. The photo of the Doner Kebab is just the half size.

What else would you like to say? My sister did air out that My Greek Taverna could have used reusable plates for customers dining in and just use the Styrofoam containers for take out. Yeah, why don't they?

My Greek Taverna
Mango Square, Mango Ave., Cebu City
0917 622 6993
Daily 5PM to 5AM

How My Greek Taverna robbed My Filipino Pitaka (wallet):
Hummus with pita Php85
Gyro Php185
Doner Kebab (half size) Php85


  1. Hmm... I heard lami sya but reading your review gives me second thoughts. Hehehe. I'll still give it a try sometime cguro. :))

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Give it a try and tell me what you think. You know I am no food expert and I just rely on my tastebuds hehehe Pero for my sister and I, okay ra sya, nothing great :D Hinuon I have never had real Greek food so I really can't say if it's the real thing :D

  2. This is just a kiosk in Mango Square, right? I am not really convinced to try this one because of the place. I hate eating in a crowded and niosy place. sorry ha but I'm just being honest hehehehe

    The Exaggerated Zeal

    1. Yeah mao na... pag adto namo kay walay tao, it was a Sunday and liquor ban, mingaw kaayo ang Mango hahahaha :D

  3. Haha! I had the same sentiment how it was redundant! XD

  4. Saw it.. I was tempted.. mahal man.. heheh

  5. I live in UAE and due to Covid, I couldn't get back to Greece to taste their foods and see their beautiful country once more. Good thing, El Greco just arrived here and I can now continue to enjoy authentic Greek foods like Greek salad, Pita Wraps and Chicken Rotisserie. They even gave me some discounts when I did online-ordering.