Thursday, November 7, 2013

Downtown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese Cuisine

The visit to JRG Halad Museum made me hungry. Not because I associate music and musical instruments with food, but because it was almost lunch time. Where's a good, cheap place to eat downtown? My brain cells work extra fast and grasp this memory: reading about a Chinese restaurant in Brennan's blog Baktin Corporation. My fingers work extra, extra fast and dial Brennan's number. After all the pleasantries, I get to the point...
Mustachio: Bren, I need directions for Mingnan, that Chinese carenderia I read in your blog.
Brennan: When facing Metro Gaisano Colon, turn left and go straight. It's two or three blocks from Metro. After about two or three blocks, turn right at a small street, a street where it looks like you would most likely get mugged.
Ha ha. Nice description Brennan. That doesn't scare me from looking for Mingnan. When I get to Metro Gaisano Colon, I realize there are two "lefts"—Colon St. and Osmeña Blvd.—so my friends and I play ask-random-people-for-directions game. That didn't result in anything. And then I remember Babe for Food, the blog I rely on when it comes to food. How could I have forgotten her? Justinne aka Babe for Food wrote about the same place two years ago! I send an SOS message and, thankfully, hear back from her with complete directions and some tips on what to order. Yay!


When we spot Mingnan Chinese Cuisine, I mentally raise my fist in the air, yes! And get a pleasant surprise upon stepping in—it's air conditioned! (Being greeted by a blast of cool air after walking downtown at noon, you'd be ecstatic, too.)

Too bad, none of the dishes Justinne mentioned in her text message were available. But I am not complaining, what's available looked good too. I did not bother asking for the names of the dishes, my friends and I just pointed to whatever looked delicious.

Linat-an baboy (pork stew)

Clockwise from bottom left: tofu, tomatoes with egg, fried chicken, mushrooms

A plate of one rice and two viands costs only Php50. My friends and I were very happy with our lunch; flavorful food for just Php50, now who wouldn't be happy? You, Mingnan, were worth bugging Brennan and Justinne for.

Mingnan Chinese Cuisine
Plaridel Ext., Cebu City
(032) 253 5522 / 511 8400
Daily 830AM to 10PM

How Mingnan makes Mustachio want to go back to the most-likely-to-get-mugged-in street:
Meal (one rice and two viands) Php 50
Soup Php... I forgot
Softdrinks Php 15


  1. Woohoo! You finally ate there! Congrats on finding it, too! Let's eat there together sometime. :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Yeah, naka adto gyud ko, thanks to my helpline haha
      You read my mind! When is "sometime"? Ikaw na bahala sa orders, I trust your expertise :D

    2. Yeah. Let me join in the fun too! I also want what BFF had! It's not in the menu I gather.
      And yes, I suck at directions. ;)

      Baktin Corporation

    3. Sure Brennan. Kanus-a man sad ka mo anhi? Hehehe :)) Nindot to imong description sa street, Bren! :D

  2. Can I join you guys? Hahahaha I'm sorry if feeling close. By the way, is this near Sto. Niño Church? I am always near the area every Sunday.

    The Exaggerated Zeal

    1. Okay ra na Fred imong pagka FC. Uwaw lang ko magmeet new people. Hehehe. Fred, duol ra ni sa Sto Nino Church... if you look at the map, the church is beyond the right border heheheh :)) Beyond the right border of my map above, the next street parallel to Plaridel Ext is D Jakosalem St. Try the place this Sunday and tell me what you think.

    2. I can't agree more, Zhequia!

      I was there yesterday, the mass ended at 8am and I waited until 8:30am but it did not open huhuhuh...I will try my luck next Sunday.

    3. Tsk tsk tsk basin Filipino time sila...or is Chinese time equal to Filipino time? :) Go nalang during lunch, para mas sigurado na abli :) Wala ra ka nahadlok sa street "you are most likely to get mugged in"?

    4. Ok ra man ang place kay duol ra man sad sa road unless kung sudlunon gyud and ngitngit, that's the time nga di ko motry ug sulod. I hope this Sunday mo-open sila ug early oi...for me! Hahahaha

      The Exaggerated Zeal

    5. Hehehehe ayaw sad ug sayo kaayo, basin wala pa kamata ang ila cook! Good luck!