Friday, June 28, 2013

Bring Home the Brownie Cup!

I wrote about U.B.E or Ultimate Brownie Experience a month or so ago. U.B.E now has a different name—Team Brownie—but with the same mouthwatering effect! :D And a new flavor to boot! Smores!


Smores is dark fudge with a little extra—a big marshmallow and pieces of graham crackers. I have tried all three flavors—dark fudge, red velvet, and smores—and I still can't decide which one I like best! Everything is wonderfully addicting. I better go get my blood sugar checked.

But not before I have my second cup! Since I have no microwave...look where I "cooked" it! It's not as effective as a microwave, but...if there's a glutton, there's a way! Thanks to the kind attendant for letting me use the siopao/siomai steamer for five minutes. :-)

0922 8822 655

Brownie cups go for Php55 each. Minimum of five cups to order. If you're craving for one now, please put it on hold for two or three days... orders must be placed two to three days in advance.

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