Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three Little Islands

Siargao Island is not all surfing and reef breaks. Sandy beaches can be had too. Get away from Cloud 9 and find the beach in General Luna town proper. It is clean and inviting. This is also where pumpboats can be hired to go to the three nearby islands. The rate is Php500 for each island. Pumpboats can carry up to 15 people.

The beach in GL town proper

The three little islands off the southern coast of Siargao island are...

Naked Island
Don't be too hasty in tearing off your clothes as you near Naked Island...the island is naked, not the people. Naked in that it has no trees, no cottages, just a big mound of white sand. You will get scorched here. And fast.

Daku Island
Daku is Visayan for big. From the name itself, you can guess it's the biggest island of the three. You can bring along food to be grilled and cooked. People here are enterprising. They can cook for you for Php200. They can also let you borrow plates and utensils. And will even offer to get coconuts for Php20 apiece.

Open cottages for day use can be rented for Php200. There are also cottages for overnight stay (forgot to ask how much). Bring a volleyball, they have a net set up ready for a game.

If you can't live without surfing, take your board with you. There's a surf spot near Daku Island (just ask the boatman to bring you there on the way to Guyam Island).

Guyam Island
One side is all sand, the other side all rocks. And in the middle are a bunch of trees. A ten-peso entrance fee per person is collected here. Even if you just dock and don't step on the island.

The clear waters of Siargao

From Siargao, you can also hire a pumpboat to take you on a day trip to Sohoton Cove in the island next door, Bucas Grande Island. Take heed, the water gets very choppy from Siargao to Bucas Grande.

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  1. The waters! Waaaa! Let's go to enchanted river sa Surigao del Sur! :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

  2. ang lapit lang ng siargao sa amin but hindi pa rin ako nakapunta jan dahil takot ako sa tubig,hindi kasi ako marunong lumangoy and sabi maalon daw patawid ng siargao.sayang ang ganda pa naman

    1. Hi Melvin! You should visit one of these days! Maybe during summer, when the waves aren't too wild :)

  3. The clear waters of Siargao is sooo tempting for a swim. Nice shot!

    1. It sure is! Thanks Ian :-)

    2. Is it true you find rentals for 1,500 pumpboat for the 3 islands. What port we'll go to look for boatman who will bring us to the islands staying at Gen.Luna area. We're planning to visit by May.

    3. Hi Ian. Yes, the fee for island hopping is 500 per island, so that's right, 1500 for all three. There are many pumpboats for hire at the boulevard in General Luna.

    4. So we can contact any boatman? That's a standard rate right for any boat trips. Thanks again but Siargao is so far from Surigao City and boats are limited. We'll come pa from Butuan.

    5. Yup, rates are standard, and you can just contact any boatman. Or ask your hotel, I am sure they have contacts for island hopping.

  4. These series of posts are so helpful! All info would surely guide us on our trip there sometime August. :-)