Monday, June 17, 2013

Skales Greek Restaurant

Here's another place we tried in Siargao: Skales Greek Restaurant, a hundred or so meters from Happy Gecko Backpacker's Hostel. Quiet and deserted, it did not deter me from dragging along my friends. I have only tried Greek food once, years ago, and I wanted to reacquaint myself with such cuisine.


From the road, only the restaurant's sign that is nailed to the nipa roof of a waiting-shed-kinda-structure can be seen. We had to go up a flight of concrete steps to go to the small open-air dining area with white tables and blue chairs.

Breakfast at Skales Greek Restaurant ranges from Php 45 to Php 130; salads Php95-190; appetizers Php70-150; soups Php85; main dishes Php110-210; desserts Php50-85; and drinks Php35-65. They also have Filipino dishes for Php115-210.

These are what we ordered:

Left to right: Kotopoulo me gemisto, Politiko psari santo forno, chicken tandoori rolled in pita bread

Kotopoulo me gemisto is, according to the menu, "Greek style chicken in red sauce." It is served with rice, potato, or pita bread. After one bite, my friend said, "I could have made this myself."

Politiko psari santo forno is "Greek style baked fish with rice or potato." I would have loved this dish if it wasn't too salty.

Chicken tandoori rolled in pita bread. This one was nothing special. It was just like chicken in pita bread. Like chicken shawarma. Haha :-)

Now I wonder what they mean by "Greek style." Is it blah or salty?

How Skales made us money-less:
Kotopoulo me gemisto Php200
Politiko psari sto. forno Php160
Chicken tandori rolled in pita bread Php150

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  1. Cheap Greek food that looks amazing! WHY couldn't the prices at CYMA be like that?! And I like the blue & white theme. It reminds me of Santorini. :)

    1. Guess the cook wasn't in the mood that night :-) The fish and potatoes would have been really good if not for too much salt. I wish Cyma had more affordable food. The one time I tried Cyma, I only ordered their cheapest item, which was the gyro hahaha :D

    2. Ahh That's too bad it didn't taste as good as it looked. Was the gyro at CYMA salty or bland? hehe maybe it was just the chef at Skales who got a bit heavy handed with the salt. Try nya kog Cyma pod if you say its good.

    3. I can't say much for Cyma coz I have only tried their gyro. I would love to try their other dishes but everytime I see the price, I just have to back off hahaha :D

  2. That is such an interesting greek food restaurant. Here in our place, we have El Greco, a known greek food restaurant that are serving delicious greek salad, rotisserie chicken, pita wraps, kebabs and even mango float. Its something that me and my family loves to eat together.