Friday, May 3, 2013

Best Isaw Ever

I was never a fan of isaw until I met Sabeth. The first time I met Sabeth was in 2003 (ten years ago!), outside the Port of Surigao City. I have been longing for her...isaw...ever since. Sabeth's isaw has got to be the best. It is cut down the middle, cleaned of anything that's in the intestine (please don't bother imagining what's in an intestine), and grilled to a crisp. Just like any barbecue place, Sabeth also has pork barbecue, grilled chicken, chicken skin, liver, and other typical BBQ fare.

Sabeth BBQ is just a few steps from the Port of Surigao City.

Isaw, pork barbecue, and liver. Don't forget the puso.
Try eating your BBQ with their sweet sauce.

To find Sabeth, when facing the Port of Surigao City, turn right and do not be tempted by the other BBQ places lining the street. Go straight ahead and you will find Sabeth near the end of the row of BBQ eateries. When you find her, do give her my love.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Sabeth's way to Mustachio's heart is through his stomach then through his pocket:
9 pcs puso (Php 5 each) Php 45
7 pcs pork barbecue (Php 15 each) Php 105
10 pcs isaw (Php 6 each) Php 60
2 pcs chicken skin (Php 15 each) Php 30
2 pcs grilled chicken breast (Php 35 each) Php 70
1 pc liver Php 15
Mountain Dew Php 15
Total of Php 340
That's a lot, you say? Just to make myself clear, I did not eat all these. I was with two friends. See? I am not a glutton.


  1. Now, I'm craving for some bbq, isaw, and chicken skin! And since I'm not in Surigao, I will head off to Larsian! Bookmarking this though, because I have plans of visiting Surigao. :)

  2. Great post! I've been to Surigao City countless times since my childhood because my mom's from there and everytime she asked me to buy bbq at the port, I never know which one to buy from. Thanks for this! :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

  3. There are many BBQ stalls outside the port of Surigao, but this is where my friend brought me the first time I was in Surigao and this is where I will keep coming back :-)

  4. i cant agree more!!! yan nga ang best isaw ever!!!
    top 2 ko nalang yugn sa bacolod.