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Mt Apo Itinerary

Mt. Apo

Vital Stats
  • 2954 meters above sea level
  • Highest mountain in the Philippines
  • Bordered by the provinces of Davao del Sur and North Cotabato
  • Kapatagan (Davao del Sur)
  • Sibulan (Davao del Sur)
  • Kidapawan (North Cotabato)
  • Magpet (North Cotabato)

Sibulan-Kapatagan trail map
Photo from Pinoy Mountaineer

November 1-3, 2012

Day 1
0730 ETA Cebu
0835 ETA Davao City
1000 ETD Davao City by bus
1130 ETA Digos City
1145 Depart Digos for Brgy Kapatagan by habalhabal (motorcycle)
1245 ETA Brgy Kapatagan. Lunch. Buy last minute supplies.
1320 Depart for Sitio Baruring by habalhabal (motorcycle)
1340 ETA Sitio Baruring
1400 Start trek
1700 ETA Emergency Camp
1815 ETA Tinikaran Camp 1
1945 Dinner

Day 2
0600 Wake up
0700 Breakfast
0800 Start ascent to summit via Boulders
0900 ETA Tinikaran Camp 2
0930 ETA Boulders
1245 Lunch before final assault
1330 ETA Crater
1400 Summit
1415 Start descent back to Tinikaran Camp 1
1815 ETA Tinikaran Camp 1
1945 Dinner

Day 3
0600 Wake up
0700 Breakfast
0800 Break camp
0830 Start descent to Sitio Baruring
1130 Lunch and shower at porter's house
1400 Resume trek to Sitio Baruring
1500 ETA Sitio Baruring
1515 Depart Sitio Baruring by habalhabal (motorcycle)
1615 ETA Digos City
1715 ETD Digos City by bus
1845 ETA Davao City

Digos City Terminal where we took a bus to Davao City

Package availed from:
Mt. Apo Adventures
Engr. Albert C. Gabriel
0919 314 2117

Included in the Package
sleeping bag
cook set

Things to Bring
completed Climb Application and Waiver (forms will be provided by the tour operator)
medical certificate
trail food
medicine/first aid kit
mess kit
lightweight utensils
water bottle
trash bag
headlamp and extra batteries
wet wipes
construction gloves
hiking shoes

Mt. Apo in Two Parts:
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Revenge of the Hikers:

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