Sunday, May 19, 2013

Revenge of the Hikers: Let's Crab Eat

In the four hours spent descending Mt. Apo, these thoughts looped through my head: One foot in front of the other. Big meal in Davao City. One foot in front of the other. Big meal in Davao City.

Upon reaching the city, we freshened up as fast as we could, then hailed a taxi so we could Crab Eat! (I don't usually take a taxi but I couldn't risk wasting time looking for the place and I just had to get my revenge quick!)

I was expecting everything on Let's Crab Eat's buffet to be crabs. I was wrong. Let's Crab Eat not only offered crabs, but fish, shrimp, meat, pasta, vegetables, soup, salad, fruits, and sweets, too. I don't know if I should be disappointed or not (crabs! I wanted all crabs!). With this spread for Php395 per head (not including drinks), maybe it's not so bad... I think I will zero in on the crabs and shrimps.

I zeroed in on the shrimps and crabs. I did.

I had a bit of everything but I think I ate more than Php395 worth of crabs and shrimps. Yes, it was good. Tasty. Fresh. A happy, crab-and-shrimp-stuffed stomach walked out of Let's Crab Eat's door!

Let's Crab Eat!
F. Torres St., Davao City
(082) 282 2722

How this eat-all-I-can retaliation bore a hole in Mustachio's pocket:
Buffet Php 395
Iced tea Php 45
Taxi from D' Counter Dormitory to Let's Crab Eat Php 58

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