Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kudos! Orange Brutus!

Orange Brutus just made my day! I'm listing two reasons. The first, and most important, is this guy:

Couldn't resist taking his picture!

Meet Mr. Zalde. He's a cool and smiling crew of Orange Brutus. Without a badge, I would have dismissed him as another Orange Brutus (OB) crew in his yellow uniform. Not this time, his badge says "Hearing Impaired".

Pick up a newspaper and scan the classified ads. Tell me how many are looking for or hiring Persons with Disabilities (PWD)? Aside from the occasional for-hire blind masseurs, the sad answer is none.

This what sets OB apart from others - they hire hearing impaired crew members. And Mr. Zalde represents the many people who deserve to bring home the bacon - regardless of disabilities.

So there goes the most important reason why OB made my day. Amidst all the "looking for female, not more than 30 years old, can speak English, with pleasing personality, blah blah" this food chain chose Mr. Zalde as a staff. Good service with No Discrimination. My utmost respect!

Another good reason to dine at OB: Reviving Inexpensive and Good food.

We ordered the burger steak budget meal and chicken steak budget meal. The meal includes a choice of drinks. You can have Coke products, or if you're not into soda (like me), they can change it to iced tea with no additional charge. Not like others - Yes, you, Ronald and Jolli!

The meals have arrived
Burger Steak value meal
The Burger steak was really good. Soft and non-greasy. With small veggies on it.

Chicken steak value meal
This one is really underrated. Awesome tender chicken. The sauce is subtle, yet perfect with the meat. I'd pick this over KFC anytime.

Overall, the food was more than worth its price. And I'm so happy to say it again: More than worth its price.

Outside OB. The iconic Orange fruit.
Not really the best interior design, but they're doing it right.

Let's continue supporting OB's advocacy. The easiest way would be to spread the good news - tweet, share on fb, and blog about it. A good way is to bring friends and family to dine, and while you're at OB, the best way would be to smile and shake hands with the hearing impaired crew.

Side note:
For those who aren't familiar with Orange Brutus, it's the first Hamburger Chain in Cebu. Started in the 1980's by two entrepreneurs. It has become an iconic figure in the Cebu  food industry for its burgers and fruit shakes, with the latter being more popular until now.

My memory of OB dated back when I was in elementary. My dad brought me at OB Fuente where I had my first "brown" spaghetti. It was always "red" spaghetti in other restaurants and at home. How good was OB's "brown spaghetti"? Let's say it brought good childhood memories. And nothing's as delicious as remembering the old days.

Contact Information:
Orange Brutus
Ayala Center Cebu (032) 231 5394
Fuente OsmeƱa (24 hrs) (032) 255 2972 / 255 4783
SM City Cebu (032) 232 0722
There are over a dozen branches scattered all over Cebu. Check their website for more information.

How this Fortunate encounter bore a silent hole in Mustachio's pocket:
Burger steak budget meal Php 49
Chicken steak budget meal Php 49


  1. gusto ko to itry na impress ako dun sa crew..

  2. Cool! Props to OB! They havet he best sizzling burger steak. But KFC's still my fave fastfood. :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)