Monday, September 17, 2012

A Bed to Sleep On

My friends and I stayed in Phnom Penh for only a night (yeah, yeah, too short, I know!) and we rested our heads at Velkommen Backpackers. Located at #17 Street 144, it is just a few steps from the Riverside Park (aptly named for it is indeed by the river). A convenience store is just next door and there are a number of restaurants a few meters away. If you ever need bus tickets to go to Saigon or Siem Reap or wherever, you can book it thru the hostel or thru a travel agency, one of which can be found just around the corner (CTT Net Travel & Tours at #223Eo, Sisowath Quay).

Velkommen Backpackers has rooms for two (US$10-$12 per room) to four persons (US$18-$22 per room) and dorm rooms that will cost US$4.50 (fan) to US$6 (AC) per person. Linen and towels are provided. Some rooms have its own toilet and bath and other rooms share. Dorm rooms have a shared toilet and bath.

We were put in the balcony dorm room that has 8 beds. Although it has an AC unit, the AC is only turned on at night. Lockers are also available in the room but some of the lockers are rather small (unlucky for you if the locker assigned to your bed can only fit a purse).

The 8-bed balcony dorm

The view from our balcony dorm
Photo by H Bacordio

If you'd rather make a mess without strangers sharing the same space (and channelsurfing is a hobby), cross the road and shell out a few more dollars (US$16-$45 per room) at Velkommen Guesthouse. (Hey, if there's 4 or 6 in your group, book the twin or triple room at the guesthouse, though you pay for the entire room, bottom line is it will cost you the same --- US$6 per person.)

Can't live without getting connected? Wifi is available. Hungry and don't have energy to look for a restaurant? Both Backpackers and Guesthouse have its own restaurant. Want to drink the night away? Occupy a seat at the bar and order some drinks.

 Velkommen Backpackers' bar/restaurant

I keep forgetting to bring a book to trade with

And lastly, must checkout at 12 noon but still have hours to spend exploring Phnom Penh? You can leave your bags in their storage area. Just don't forget to come back for it before you hop on the bus to your next destination.

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  1. Here you are traveling again! What I would trade to backpack Asia! I see you pimped your site too! :D