Monday, February 20, 2012

Mother's Fried Chicken

My siblings and I grew up with Mother's Fried Chicken. Not my mother, but the restaurant. My parents used to take us to Mother's Fried Chicken on D Jakosalem street for lunch almost every Sunday after hearing mass. I would order the chicken with rice, and a bowl of corn soup. Always. 
Combo meal: Quarter chicken, rice, flan, and a drink.

X years later and a few kilometers from their original address, I still order the same thing, this time with leche flan instead of a bowl of soup, since they offer combo meals - chicken, rice, soup or dessert or side, and a drink - for Php 163. For the soup, you can choose between cream of mushroom and cream of corn. For dessert, almond flan or leche flan. Side, either coleslaw or french fries.

Mother's Fried Chicken also offers snacks and snack combos but I never bothered to try those. I had my stomach set on the fried chicken and its crispy and tasty chicken skin!

It's a wonder I haven't grown feathers.

Mother's Fried Chicken
Paseo Ciudad, 3/L Ayala Center Cebu
(032) 232 1099 / 253 9311 / 238 6542

Other branch at:
St Patrick Square
Redemptorist Road cor. Don Ramon Aboitiz St.
(Behind Redemptorist Church and St Theresa's College)

How this chicken bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Chick 'n Flan combo Php 163


  1. I grew up with Mother's too! Dad used to love their porkchop but it hasn't been the same now. And I used to love their soups too! Corn was the favorite. Funny though, I never got to try their fried chicken yet. Haha.

    Babe For Food - your BFF in Cebu dining!

  2. Their Combo Meals now are served with noodles. ;)
    Mother's fried chicken is definitely a treat.

    - KeyStrokes -

    1. Really? On top of the soup/side/dessert?? That's good to know! Woohoo!! :)

  3. Where's their 'older' branch in Cebu, is it the one near STC?

    1. I think masdugay pa na ang sa Ayala kaysa kanang near STC hehehe