Monday, February 6, 2012

A Night at Don Merto's Restaurant and Deli

Don Merto's Restaurant and Deli is under Casa Escano Bed and Breakfast. A traditional Filipino/Spanish villa with a nice ambience. Anyone looking for a cozy dining experience would fall in love with this place.

I like your mustache Don Merto!

Nice lighting, hey?

And not too crowded.

What did I order?

They serve free bread (that's 3 slices; I ate one out of hunger :D) and butter.

Cobb Salad - Romaine lettuce topped with chicken, bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and egg, served with a creamy herb dressing.
You may now sprinkle the herb dressing, Mademoiselle.

Buttermilk Boneless Fried Chicken - Breaded buttermilk soaked boneless chicken served atop a sweet and savory creamed corn.

Soft chicken meat with the creamiest creamed corn that's such a joy to the taste buds. Recommended!

Lomo Saltado - Stir fried US beef, tomatoes, onions and fried potatoes.

Tasty beef if you had more time to chew, and the fried potatoes are really good. I ended up finishing the potatoes, rather than my rice, first.

Just a note: You'd have to tell the waiter how you want your beef cooked. This one was cooked medium rare.
Can you tell which one's the meat and which one's the potato?

Overall, I finished the meal with a loosened belt... *burp*

What did Mustachio learn?
- This isn't a fastfood restaurant. Expect ample time for your food to be cooked.
- There will be times when some of the items on the menu won't be available.
- Look for the * sign. These are their bestsellers.
- Tell the waiter how your beef should be cooked.
- Make sure to stuff your wallet.

Don Merto's Restaurant and Deli
94 Juana OsmeƱa Street, Cebu City
(032) 253-5563

How Don Merto bore a hole thru Don Mustachio's pocket:
Cobb Salad Php 198
Buttermilk Boneless Fried Chicken Php 178
Lomo Saltado Php 188


  1. Love medium rare beef! I heard their burger is a must-try here! I have yet to visit this place. I also love their belgian lace cookies! perfect gift idea for valentines! haha.

    Babe For Food - your BFF in Cebu dining!

    1. I should have known then I would have ordered their burger (and then I'd have 3 consecutive posts that has burgers in it... obviously I like burgers!) And yes, the Belgian lace cookies are deliciousoooo! I think I can finish the entire box in one sitting hahaha But it's become expensive... 400 something for the small box :(

  2. I got hungry looking at those food. hmmm.. Really looks yummy. :)

    1. Yup! Sure is yummy! I especially liked the buttermilk boneless chicken. Nom nom nom. I wish to try everything they offer but my wallet refuses to do so!

  3. Oh, I love Don Merto's! I got married here because I loved its laid back, homey vibe. And I recommend their pancit ni maxi. Good stuff. xx

    1. Good stuff indeed! I should try the pancit next time, thanks for the recommendation!

    2. Oh no problem, it came highly recommended by Tessa Fernan, general manager and I think grandchild (or niece)?? of the owner??...