Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awesome Possibiliteas at Cobo

The cold rainy night had me craving not for hot choco nor a warm cup of coffee but a glass of cold milk tea. Vaguely remembering somebody telling me there was a milk tea shop in J Centre Mall, two friends and I headed that way. And there we found colorful Cobo.

 Awesome possibiliteas

 Choose your drink...
...and your sugar level - extra mild, mild, average, or intense!

Overwhelmed by the possibiliteas, I ended up not getting a milk tea but a bubble burst tea as recommended by my friend.

Mango peach green tea with mango burst and
Strawberry smoothie with yogurt and bursting bubbles

Green tea snow ice plus two choices of bubbles (lychee and mango)

Burst tea? Bursting bubbles? Say what? It's an exploding sago! Well, I don't really know, but it sure does burst! (Quite weird to the mouth but tastes pretty good.)

I was expecting the snow ice to be just crushed ice with flavoring and color...but no, it was like eating ice cream! If you like green tea ice cream then this will be a good choice.

Next time I promise to try the milk tea...the sea salt milk tea that is. Wonder if it's going to be salty.

PS If you want some snack to go with your drink, they have Taiwanese chicken and dimsum.

J Centre Mall
AS Fortuna St.
Banilad, Mandaue City

Update 3/18/12

More than a month after my first visit, curiosity drove me to J Centre for a cup of Sea Salt Milk Tea. Disappointed that it didn't come with chewpearls, I had to add Php 15, which brought the total amount to Php 95 for one drink. First sip: hmmm...nothing salty about this. Plain old milk tea to me. Not until I got to the bottom of my cup did I taste the salt. 10 pesos more for salt on the bottom of my cup? Not sure I'll buy this again. Will probably stick with plain old milk tea. Or maybe I should have just skipped the sugar... that could have defeated the whole purpose. Stupid me.

How Cobo burst Mustachio's wallet:
Visit #1
Green tea snow ice with twins combo Php 65
Mango peach green tea with mango burst (16 oz) Php 80
Strawberry smoothie with yogurt and bursting bubbles (16 oz) Php 85

Visit #2
Sea Salt Milk Tea (16 oz) Php 80
Chewpearls Php 15


  1. I was there 2 days ago, too! I love this place! And I've tried the floating sea salt drink. I got the taro sea salt and unfortunately, I didn't really like it. I still prefer the smoothies and cobo milk tea. Hehe. Do try it yourself though. I'd love to know what you think of the salt. Haha. Nice post! I was supposed to write about this but I saw your post now. Oh well. Haha. :D

    Babe For Food - your BFF in Cebu dining!

    1. Hey Justinne! I change my mind then. Next time I will get the Cobo milk tea. I trust your tastebuds! Is the sea salt drink salty??? It's the word "salt" that's made me curious hahaha. I am no food blogger! So please write about your Cobo experience, I'd love to drool over it! (Maybe Cobo should give us a free drink haha.)

    2. Damn, I have been to Cobo thrice already and I always forget my camera! I was also curios with the Sea Salt Tea and yet I have to taste it for myself. Waiting til the next time I can visit the fun place. :)