Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zambales: Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove transforms into a tent city over the weekend and that's where we spent our Saturday night.
It took half an hour to get here by boat from Nagsasa Cove.

Felt like a jamboree!


Fun things to do at Anawangin:
  • Go bushwhacking
  • Chuck your cellphone into the sea
  • Catch falling stars
  • Bugger the planktons at night
  • Snatch a grill so you can do your cooking
  • Buy softdrinks and junkfood for twice as much as the normal price at the campsite's only sari-sari store
  • Exercise
  • Queue to do number 1 and/or number 2 (four toilets are available but on a weekend tell your tummy to behave while you wait in line)
  • Take a bath in plain view of other campers
  • For a bird's eye view of the cove bathed in the glow of the setting sun, trudge up the foot of the mountain on the south end of the cove armed with nothing but your camera as the sun goes down. It will be fun to play step-no on a mountain in the dark. Not to mention dangerous.

Hey, do not be stupid, of course you have to:
  • Get off your lazy butt and explore the surrounding area
  • Turn off your cellphone, this is a vacation after all. Besides, you won't have any signal here.
  • Stare at the stars and count the shooting stars
  • Go for a night swim and say hello to the planktons
  • Ask politely to borrow a grill (or whatever else you need to borrow) from your neighboring camper
  • Bring your own food and drinks unless you have money to burn
  • Build up those biceps by fetching your water from the pump
  • Get in line if you want to use the toilet. No overtaking. 
  • Take a bath in plain view of other campers with all your clothes on
  • For a bird's eye view of the cove, trudge up the foot of the mountain on the south end of the cove armed with nothing but your camera making sure that the sun is a great distance from the horizon
  • If you must get a bird's eye view of the cove at sunset, bring a flashlight. Unless you want to plunge over the side of the mountain into the... bushes, boulders, or the sea.

Go explore!

Be polite to your neighbors!

Catch the sunset!

How Zambales bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Pasay-Olongapo bus (Victory Liner) Php 223
Olongapo-San Antonio bus Php 44
Breakfast at San Antonio Php 74
Food and supplies for 2 days (6 meals) Php 250
Tour package including guide for Nagsasa falls Php 1250
Dinner at San Antonio Php 38
San Antonio-Caloocan bus Php 260

Zambales series:
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  1. Nakakainis ang dami mo nang napuntahan ah!

  2. oo nga. dami mo nag napuntahan Mustachio. :) super laagan!

  3. i have never spent an overnight at anawangin. it was always either at capones or nagsasa. maybe i should try to focus on anawangin next time.

    1. Hi Gladys! Thanks for dropping by. If you like your peace and quiet, better stick with Capones or Nagsasa :)

  4. Pila ka days inyong trip sa Zambales?

    1. Hi Synz. 3D/2N. One night in Nagsasa Cove and one night in Anawangin Cove.

  5. Hi, would you know kung sinong contact dun sa leftmost part ng nagsasa(coming from pundaquit),the one near sa ilog?thanks!

    1. Hi Mary Elizabeth. Thanks for visiting the blog. Sorry, can't help you with your question...