Friday, January 13, 2012

Zambales: Nagsasa Cove

Two hours and some minutes past noon.
Nine hungry travelers.
One hundred and twenty minutes to reach our campsite.
Nagsasa Cove was one welcome sight.

We claimed our spot on the north end of the cove.
Nagsasa cove was deserted on a Friday save for us and another group who camped on the south side.

What will you find at Nagsasa Cove? Picnic tables under agoho trees. Toilet with running water. Gray sand. A great big blanket of stars. Strong winds over the mountains at night (depends on the time of year). Peace and quiet. 

What will you not find at Nagsasa Cove? No cellphone signal. No electricity. No resorts. No stores. No restaurants.

 Early morning at Nagsasa Cove

A perfect place for lazing about, huh?
But while there, give up some lazy time to explore the falls, an hour's walk away.
Go with a guide.

Above two photos by Mike Libby

The hour long hike thru tall grass, rocks, boulders, and rivers
will make you want to dive into the cold cold water and go for a swim.


On the way back don't lose sight of your guide, else this fork (below) will boggle your mind.
If you pick the left path, like my companions did, tough luck.


Just kidding. The left path will still take you to the cove though on a longer route.
If you hear ice cream bells when you get to the cove, you might be hearing things. Or not.
Mr Popsicle Guy was at the camp site when we got back from the hike!
Popsicles for Php25 each. Lucky us.
Nine thirsty and sweating customers. Luckier him!

How Zambales bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Details in the next post. I promise.

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