Sunday, January 15, 2012

Binondo Binge

No map.
No clear destination.
One goal: try as many food in Binondo as our stomachs and wallets will allow.

How did we pick our stops?
By following our nose and gut.

#561 and # 536 Tomas Mapua St.
(02) 733 9240
Assorted dimsum platter Php 185

New Eastern Garden Restaurant
#954 Ongpin St.
(02) 733 6226
Large fresh lumpia with seaweed Php 50

Above two photos by Mike Libby

Almost every street corner in Binondo at Christmas season
Roasted chestnuts Php 40 (Php 200/kilo)
Photo by Mike Libby (left) and Ayin Ersando (right)

Shanghai Fried Siopao
Ongpin St.
Fried Siopao Php 16
Lemon ice tea Php 25

Sa Lido Restaurant
#839 - # 843 Ongpin St.
(02) 516 5436 / 736 4569 / 664 1533 / 733 7144
Black and white gulaman Php 55
1/4 kilo pork asado Php 210
Mango float Php 75
Center and right photos by Ayin Ersando

Dong Bei Dumpling
#642 Yuchengco St.
Fried stuffed pancakes (4 pcs) Php 100
Dumplings (14 pcs) Php 100

Six stops and a bazillion calories after, we had to call it quits.
We were filled to the brim!
Good job!
(And nope, not one made me say yuck!)

PS Spotted dragon fruits, persimmons, grapes, pomegranates, plums, cherries, etc. on the sidewalk.
Wanted to buy cherries but couldn't afford it... Php 900 per kilo! Oh boo.
Maybe next time when I am not stuffed and my wallet is fat.

How bingeing in Binondo bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
I don't want to know! For sure this is the most I have spent on food in one afternoon!


  1. bet na bet ang dimsum platter!
    yung Lido di ko masyado nagustuhan. or siguro iba ang panlasa ko. hehe

    1. Oh we liked everything we tried!! Or maybe our taste buds were unconsciously thinking positively :)) Any other restaurant we should try next time we're in Binondo? Maybe I should get that Binondo Food Wok map I keep reading about.