Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Southern Batan

Time to take in the sights of the south.

Chawa Viewdeck in Mahatao
 See those stairs? It's there for a purpose. Use it!

Go down below and get splashed by the waves or jump into the little pool.

Here's an aerial view of the Chawa viewdeck.

Mahatao Shelter Port
Obviously it's where sea vessels are docked during storms.
But if I had it my way I'd claim it as my own personal swimming pool.

San Carlos Borromeo Church in Mahatao
Nearby is an old Spanish lighthouse that's so small you'd miss it if you didn't keep your eyes peeled.

Sumhao Windmills
Can you see three windmills? No? How about three windmills parallel to the ground?
Such a pity not one was in use. All three have been out of order for more than two years :-(
Somebody call Mr. Repairman!

Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao

The view from the lighthouse

Homoron Blue Lagoon
Some people were diving in, climbing out, and then jumping back into the water. (Can you see them in the photo?) I wanted to shout to Leif to stop the van and jump into the water myself. Unfortunately, my swimming buddy, Salbabida, wasn't with me.

At Diura Fishing Village some of the huts can be rented. If you're wondering how much, I am sorry I can not tell you. I was too busy looking around that I forgot to ask.

Rakuh-a-idi Spring
The Spring of Youth. I suggest you gulp down gallons of this spring water if you wanna be Peter Pan.
It seems to have worked on me. I haven't grown an inch nor have I lost a hair these past six months!

If the tide is low, one can hike on the shore back to Diura village.
 Better wear slippers, unless you are a tortured sole have soles that can take some torturing.

Rakuh means big. Payaman means pasture. Put it together and what do you get?
A big grassy place that'll make you want to take off your shoes, run around, roll on the grass, and be crazy with the cows... but warning signs will tell you not to (be with cows) lest you want to get trampled by them.
These cows think people are aliens. (Yes, I am made that up, but you know what I mean.)

Can you spot the cows?

 The last village from Basco is Imnajbu.
I swear, not a soul was seen while we were there.
Don't worry, scaredy cat, it doesn't mean it's a ghost town, the people were probably just having a siesta.
It was, after all, one in the afternoon when we visited.

Imnajbu Church
See that cross right next to it? That marks the spot where the first Catholic mass in Batanes was held.

LORAN station ruins
LORAN stands for Long Range Aid to Navigation.
If you want to know more about it and see how it looked in the 60s check out this link.
I admit, I am too lazy to read and summarize it for you, dear reader.

The Ruins of Song-song are the remains of the village that was wiped out by a tsunami in 1954.

Wild horses roam

Uyugan Church

Honesty Coffee Shop in Ivana sells coffee (of course! You can't call it a "coffee" shop without coffee),
cold drinks, instant noodles, bread, junk food, even souvenirs.
List down the things you are buying, drop the payment into the box, and tell it "keep the change!"

You can leave a love note in their little guest book.

I did!

A few steps away is San Jose Obrero Church.

 Port of Ivana as seen from the church.
This is where we hopped on the boat to Sabtang Island.

Vahay ni Dakay they say is the oldest stone house in Batanes, built in 18forgotten.
(Such an informative blog, no? Hehehe.)
Lola Florestida Estrella lives in this house. But doesn't the house look younger than Lola? (No offense, Lola.)

Puente de Ivana was built sometime during the term of Fray Nicolas Castaño (1798-1824),
who, I am guessing, was the parish priest of Ivana at that time.

This bridge is parallel to three modern bridges.
Somebody tell me why Ivana needs four bridges.

And now our journey has come to an end...

Tomorrow, or really, let's be honest, the day my blog-writing brain cooperates,
we will brave the ocean to get to Sabtang Island.

How Batanes bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
One more island and we're good as broke.

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