Monday, October 10, 2011

Northern Batan on Foot

Explored parts of northern Batan on foot, armed with a camera and my mouth (to ask directions for I had no map).

First stop: Basco/Naidi Lighthouse on Naidi Hills

Next stop: Sto. Domingo de Basco Church / Basco Cathedral
Photo by Bee Chavez

On the way to Fundacion Pacita is the charming Tukon/Mt. Carmel Chapel.

On the ceiling of the chapel are paintings of the churches of Batanes and their patron saints. Above left is a painting of Basco Cathedral and its patron saint Sto Domingo de Guzman.

View from the east side of the chapel

Not far from Mt Carmel Chapel is the PAGASA Station or Tukon Radar.
Photo by Bee Chavez
This is where I discovered how PAGASA predicts the weather... using a magic crystal ball. Just kidding. It's a heliograph, used to measure the intensity of the sun. And no, I don't know how to use it.

Last stop for the day... okay, it was getting dark and I was getting tired... is Fundacion Pacita. There's a sign on the main road saying you can't enter Fundacion Pacita without an appointment but I turned a blind eye to it.

Office/Reception area of Fundacion Pacita

Dusk told me it was time to head back. It was getting dark and I had no flashlight. Walked the deserted road and occasionally looked behind to check if there were approaching tricycles. My legs had brought me back to Tukon Radar when one tricycle passed. After hesitating a second or two, I called to the tricycle driver to check if he was going my way. He was going to Ivana, and I to Basco, but he still offered to take me to the lodge for free. My second dose of Ivatan kindness.

Five or so months after, I took the liberty of tracing my steps with the help of Google Maps. (Click on maps to enlarge.) It's really not too far. According to Mr Google, I walked about 6 kilometers.

How Batanes bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Please be patient, the series hasn't ended yet, it has just begun.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my site. So you're still in Batanes right now? Try to find your way to Sabtang if sea conditions are good. It would complete your Batanes experience. Here's an old entry in my blog on how to go to Sabtang: You might want to ask around if the info is still current.

  2. Thank you Liquid Druid. I appreciate you dropping by my blog. I was actually in Batanes March of this year but only got my lazy brain to write about it 5 or so months after. Been browsing thru your blog and seeing Batanes thru your eyes.

  3. OMG! I am really envious now! Gaaaaaah! XD

  4. Batanes *sigh* that's my dream destination ..How did you get there BTW?

  5. Hello deadtoenails! Thanks for dropping by :-) Luckily got a promo ticket from SEAir (Manila-Basco-Manila). I think there are only two airlines that fly to Basco, SEAir and SkyPasada. Hoping other airlines would fly there too...maybe competition would bring down the killer airfare.

  6. batttaaaaanes. nakahilak akong asawa while checking the series. \m/