Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Namit ba ang ChickeNamit?

A friend who claims ChickeNamit, a restaurant in Mabolo, offers chicken inasal that's as good as the chicken inasal in Bacolod made me want to try it out myself. And try it out I did.

37 F Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City
(032) 238 3180
Monday to Saturday 11AM to 11PM
Sunday 6PM to 11PM


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Pecho meal (left) and cansi (right)

Te, ano, namit man gid ang ChickeNamit? (So, is ChickeNamit really delicious?) I guess I was expecting the chicken to taste like Aida's in Manokan Country in Bacolod and the cansi to taste like Sharyn's Cansi, also in Bacolod, that ChickeNamit kind of disappointed me. (One of my lessons from the road I, myself, did not heed.) Although the soup did not satisfy like how Sharyn's did, I did like the sourness of the soup, but did not like the beef parts they used. As for the chicken, my friend thinks Mang Inasal's is better. On the upside, I was happily surprised that their iced tea was raspberry, just like Bigby's, but for only Php 15.  

How "Bacolod's finest flavors" fined my pocket:
Pecho meal (comes with iced tea) Php 95
Cansi Php 240
Iced tea Php 15


  1. Lamian ko ky first time pa ko eat cansi (even if I grew up in Negros). whehehe

    Laagholic Buyog

    1. Ganahan ko sa iyang pagkasour but didn't like the beef parts gigamit. I was expecting kanang sa pochero gyud gani hehehe :))

  2. Wow! Naa nay cansi diri sa Cebu. Is it the same with Sharyn's? :-)

    1. Klaro kaayo ka ha... klaro kaayo ka wala nagbasa hehehe :)) Thanks for leaving a comment :D