Friday, August 28, 2020

A Lolong Time Ago

A Lolong Time Ago
Michelle Suarez, Joonee Garcia, Divine Gil Reyes, Benjor Catindig

If you follow my Business Names series, you know I love puns. The title of this book, A Lolong Time Ago, was what caught my interest. Second was the cute cartoony cover, from which you could tell the book was for kids.

A Lolong Time Ago is about the prehistory of the Philippines. Duh, it's the subtitle on the cover.

Historical data, such as dates and names, alone could be boring (to me, at least). But these written in a fun, conversational way, coupled with illustrations and photos held my interest all throughout.

Reading A Lolong Time Ago drew a bigger and better picture and a cohesive story of all the bits of history which I had seen in different places at different times, like the Manunggul Jar and the Laguna Copperplate in the Museum of the Filipino People, and the petroglyphs in Binangonan, Rizal! It felt like those historical pieces I had seen through glass cases (or across barriers, in the case of the petroglyphs) were parts of a jigsaw puzzle that I had finally pieced together.

History was my least favorite subject when I was a student. If history textbooks were written the way A Lolong Time Ago was written, then history could have been my favorite subject.

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