Monday, October 1, 2018

Wisdom from the Road #68

On transportation #2
When in Manila, thank heavens for GrabCar
(and Uber, when it was still alive).

I have always dreaded going to Manila because of taxi drivers who take advantage of people who are clearly not from there by overcharging them. On my most recent trip to Manila, when my buddy had to abandon me post-haste, it was either lock myself in the airbnb or brave the jungles of Manila by myself. Thanks to GrabCar and being able to easily book one (I have always had a difficult time booking one in Cebu), I did not have to worry about opportunistic taxi drivers. I could breathe easy knowing how much I would have to pay for the ride (the amount is shown on the app before booking the ride), and knowing that I will be taken to my destination in one piece (what with all the horrors involving taxis that have popped up on my fb feed).

PS I am clearly not from Manila because of my accent when I speak Tagalog. Hehehe. So if you're Tagalog and you speak to me, don't be offended if I answer you in English or take a long time to answer you in Tagalog—my brain is still trying to convert words to Tagalog.

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