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Narita Accommodation: Narita Sando Guesthouse

For my overnight stay in Narita—I had about 24 hours to spend in Narita in between flights—I chose to stay near Narita Station as opposed to the capsule hotel in the airport. Why? Because the capsule hotel costs thrice as much (almost 10,000 yen!) than staying in a guesthouse (3300 yen) that's a 13-minute train ride (200 yen) away.

Narita Sando Guesthouse is a 5-minute walk from JR Narita Station and Keisei Narita Station (the two stations are just across each other). If you need to do any last minute omiyage shopping or want something to eat, there are many restaurants, shops, and convenience stores between the stations and the guesthouse.

 Narita Sando Guesthouse

Narita Sando Guesthouse has private rooms (double/twin, triple, quad) and two mixed dorms. I stayed in the mixed dorm with bunk beds (the other mixed dorm is a tatami room). Each bunk bed has a curtain for privacy, hangers/hooks, power sockets, and night light. Towel and toothbrush are provided for each guest. The room is small and cramped, so no luggage are allowed in the dorm room.

 4-bed mixed dorm

The other two beds in the 4-bed mixed dorm

The luggage must be kept in the luggage room on the ground floor. The luggage room is spacious and has a shelf for large luggage. There are also small lockers. The advantage of having a separate luggage area is that guests could rummage through their bags in the luggage room without disturbing other guests had it been in the dorm room.

Luggage room

The toilets, shower rooms, and wash area are on the second floor. These are shared by many rooms. The rooms, shower rooms, toilets, and wash area are on the second floor, while the luggage room is on the ground floor—could be a bit of a drag if you need to get a change of clothes, etc.

I stayed in Narita Sando Guesthouse in July, which is summer in Japan. The hallway, where the wash basins and the shower rooms are, was a bit warm.

Common room

On the ground floor is the Japanese-style common area with low tables. There is a microwave available for guests to use. The staff can speak English and are friendly and helpful.

Narita Sando Guesthouse
520 Kamicho, Narita, Chiba 286-0032
A dorm bed costs around 3300 yen per night.
Book a bed at Narita Sando Guesthouse through

Important Note: If you have a flight to catch, be aware that the trains to Narita Airport only comes once every 30 minutes (and on slow hours, once every hour).

Photo Credits: All photos grabbed from Narita Sando Guesthouse's page.

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