Monday, September 26, 2016

GPSmyCity: Free Article Upgrade

Ever heard of GPSmyCity app? If you haven't, I am sad you missed my post about it last July. But no hard feelings. I'll gladly give you a little overview:

GPSmyCity is a free travel app for iOS (Android users, please be patient, it is currently under development), containing thousands of articles (and growing!) about hundreds of cities all over the world. You could call it a one-stop-app for your travel research needs. Stumped on where to go? Wondering what (and where) to eat? GPSmyCity will have suggestions right at your fingertips.

Download the app, search for the city of interest, click on an article that strikes your fancy. If you want to review these articles later on, these articles can be downloaded for free for offline viewing. And for an upgrade fee of US$1.99, you can access the GPS-aided maps, which for any traveler would be a godsend. The places mentioned in the article would be pinned on the detailed map, tour routes would be displayed, and turn-by-turn directions between places would be provided. With this app and the map upgrade, you can do away with paper maps and not worry about finding yourself in the middle of nowhere.

So why am I writing about GPSmyCity again? Because a bunch of my blogposts have been chosen by the GPSmyCity Team to be published on the app. And to celebrate, upgrades for the following articles will be given away for FREE from September 26 to October 2!
Click on any (or all!) of the above links and try it out! (If you haven't already downloaded and installed the GPSmyCity app, it will prompt you to do so.)

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