Monday, September 19, 2016

An Abundance in Busan

Busan not only has an abundance of buildings, bridges, and beaches, but also...


Not in the library, but at Bosu-dong Book Street (보수동 책방골목). The Book Street came about when, after Korea gained independence, the locals started selling the books the Japanese left behind. Over the years, secondhand bookshops sprouted along the street.

I knew most of the books at Bosu-dong Book Street would be in Korean. But books, in whatever language, are my weakness. I strolled along the book street (which was more of an alley) and marveled at the tall piles of books, scanning spines to see if there were any English books (there were a few). If I only knew how to read Korean, I would have gladly let the walls of books that have overflowed beyond each store's perimeter swallow me alive.

Directions to Bosu-dong Book Street:
  • Take Busan Subway Line 1 to Jagalchi Station, Exit 7. Take a left immediately at Junggu-ro. Follow Junggu-ro for about 600m until you reach Daechong-ro. Cross Daechong-ro and you will find Bosu-dong Book Street (or more appropriately, alley) to your left. On Google Maps, the street/alley is labeled as Chaekbanggolmok-gil.
  • Take Busan Subway Line 1 to Jungang Station, Exit 7. Walk straight for about 800m until you see Bosu-dong Book Street right in front of you. On Google Maps, the street/alley is labeled as Chaekbanggolmok-gil.

A wall of books


I don't read Doraemon comics nor watch the cartoon series. I just think the round-headed cartoon robot cat is adorable. When I found out through Dynamic Busan's facebook page that there was an exhibit of a hundred Doraemons at Sajik Baseball Stadium, I went to say a hundred hellos to them. 

The exhibit might have ended but if you're a fan of baseball and are visiting during baseball season, you might want to go see a game. Sajik Baseball Stadium is the home of the Lotte Giants, Busan's baseball team. The baseball stadium is part of Busan Sports Complex, which includes a main stadium (a multi-purpose venue which holds various local and international events), an indoor gymnasium, and an indoor swimming pool.

Directions to Sajik Baseball Stadium: Take Busan Subway Line 3 to Sajik Station, Exit 1. Walk straight along Asiad-daero, then turn right at Sajik-ro. Walk about 400m; Sajik Baseball Stadium will be on your left.

Main Stadium (left) and Sajik Baseball Stadium (right)

Canola Flowers

I made like a bee and buzzed towards Daejeo Ecological Park (대저생태공윈) where a wide wide wide field of canola flowers was shining in the sun. The canola flowers were in full bloom mid April. In September, the cosmos flowers take over.

Daejeo Ecological Park also has a bamboo grove off to the side. There are walking paths around the park, around the field, and through the bamboo grove. The park is huge that there are bikes for rent.

Directions to Daejeo Ecological Park: Take Busan Subway Line 3 to Gangseo-gu Office Station, exit 1. Walk about 200m to the park.

Fields of gold...not so golden because I had visited a week too late

Picnicking by a bamboo grove


Yongdusan Park (용두산 공원) is on Yongdu Mountain ("san" means mountain) in the bustling downtown (Jung-gu or Jung district) of Busan. Being on top of a mountain, I had to climb four flights of stairs. Ha! I took the easy way up via four flights of escalators.

In the park, there is a 5-meter wide flower clock, a pavilion, a huge bell, monuments depicting important events in the country, a few shops, an abundance of love locks, and Busan Tower (where for KRW 4,000 one can go up the observation deck for a 360-degree view of Busan).

Directions to Yongdusan Park: Take Busan Subway Line 1 to Nampo Station, Exit 1. Walk about 10 minutes to Gwangbok-ro 77beon-gil to find the escalators to the park.

Ahhh promises of love


On my last day in Busan, I killed time by wandering around Nampo-dong (남포동), the central commercial and shopping area of Busan. Shopaholics and foodies would love this area! I stumbled upon fashion streets, food streets, Gukje Market, Jagalchi Seafood Market, and Lotte Department Store. Movie buffs would also be delighted to find BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) Square here. (Yongdusan Park is also nearby.)

Directions to Nampo-dong: Take Busan Subway Line 1 to Nampo Station.

Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street

Here's a map to help you find such abundance:

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  1. No wonder Busan succeeded in its defense against the zombies: they have an army of Doraemons!!!

    1. Hahahah good one, ayisharu! Guess you've seen the movie :D

  2. A nice side of Busan... aside from the usual beach that I see in other media materials.

    1. Hi Ian! Thanks for taking time to read my blog :) Funny how there are beaches in Busan that are so popular but I never bothered to visit them. I should go next time, huh?