Friday, April 1, 2016

Wisdom From the Road #38

On footwear
Check your footwear/flipflops before leaving home.

I slip on my flipflops (slippers) without thinking. Always.

Walking home one afternoon from a weekend trip out of town, the strap of my left slipper broke. I called home to check if anyone could bring me another pair since I was just less than a kilometer away. Nobody was home. I ended up walking on the sun-warmed road with one foot bare.

New pair of slippers. Months pass. New pair becomes old. I was in J Centre Mall to run some errands. I went to the third floor and that's where the strap of my left slipper snapped (left one again—my left foot must be too fat or something). I had to drag my foot with my toes desperately holding on to the slipper all the way to the ground floor where the supermarket was and where I knew rubber slippers were sold. Once I got through the glass door of the supermarket, I took off my slippers and walked barefoot on the cold tiled floor to the slippers section.

I still slip on my flipflops without thinking. When I remember these two incidents, that's when I remember to check my footwear. Sometimes a little too late.

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