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Accommodations in Langub Beach, Sipalay

After an overnight stop at Dumaguete City, 3.5 hours on the road, and a short pumpboat ride (Php 300 for 6 pax), we reached Langub Beach (better known as Sugar Beach) in Sipalay City.

The kilometer–long cream–colored sands (salt and pepper color upon close inspection) of Langub Beach brings out the lazy in me. Although there are other activities such as scuba diving, stand up paddleboarding, island hopping, kayaking, and exploring (there is a langub or cave a few minutes walk from the beach, thus the name Langub Beach), I chose to do the lazy: Sleep, swim, eat, wait for sunset. Repeat.

My feet sinks in this sand

But it wasn't all laziness. One morning, I peeled my butt off the hammock and walked the kilometer–long beach. It was a difficult walk...the sand would swallow my feet with each step. But I trudged on just to gather contact information of all the resorts for your benefit!

When facing the beach, these are the resorts from the leftmost end down to the last resort along the stretch.

Langub Beach Resort
0999 880 6610
AC Room for 4 pax Php 1500
Fan Room for 8 pax Php 2500
AC Room with kitchen for 12 pax Php 6500
Extra pax for fan room Php 150/head
Extra pax for AC room Php 200/head

Langub Beach Resort

Sulu Sunset Beach Resort
0919 716 7182
All fan rooms
Rooms start at Php 650

Buenaventura Beach Resort
0947 328 2771 / 0939 927 1210
Fan Rooms start at Php 390
AC Rooms start at Php 1390
Note: Buenaventura Beach Resort is about 50 meters farther behind the beachfront resorts.

Big Bam Boo Beach Resort
0999 671 6666 / 0908 454 4600
AC rooms Php 1500 (low season) / Php 1700 (high season)
Fan rooms start at Php 500 (low season) / Php 700 (high season)
Dorm beds (fan) at Php 300 (low season) / Php 400 (high season)

Big Bam Boo Beach Resort

Driftwood Village
0920 900 3663 / 0919 236 7055
All fan rooms

Green Garden Beach Resort
0946 677 9302
Family Cottage for 4 pax Php 2500 (one bedroom is AC, the other fan)
AC Room for 2 pax Php 1200
Fan Room for 2 pax Php 800

Family Cottage for 4 pax at Green Garden Beach Resort

0921 611 2039
All fan rooms
Room for 2 pax Php 900 to 1000
Room for 4 pax Php 1200

Didai's Garden Resort
0939 624 8350
AC Room for 2 pax Php 1600
Fan Room for 4 pax Php 2100
Experience: We stayed in the fan room—a huge cottage—with its own toilet and bath (but the door to the toilet and bath was just a curtain!). There is WiFi for a fee of Php 100 for the entire duration of stay (I noticed this is the norm in all resorts in Langub Beach). Meals at Didai's Garden Resort are cooked by Didai's son, Edison, and I could say he's a really good cook!

Fan room for 4 at Didai's Garden Resort

Bermuda Beach Resort
0920 529 2582 / 0919 591 3805
Rooms start at Php 1050
Memory: This is where we stayed in 2008 (back then there were only five resorts in Langub Beach) and there are two things I remember: the boat–shaped bed and the geckos in the room. The geckos kept us on our toes (nobody wanted a gecko stuck on himself!).

Takatuka Lodge
0920 230 9174 / 0920 679 2349 /0915 628 3516
Rooms start at Php 1275
Experience: A colorful and artsy resort with decors made from recycled materials. On our first visit in 2008, we often had our meals here. On our recent visit (2016), we wanted to eat here but was turned away (they prioritize in–house guests)....rudely.

After the walk, it was back to being lazy again. Swim, eat, wait for sunset, sleep. Repeat.

Swim in its crystal clear waters 

Watch the great ball of fire

Three days of this lazy cycle wasn't enough. We wanted to stay one more day. All resorts were fully booked but it wasn't crowded at all and this is what we loved about Langub Beach.

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