Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Treats at Treat Street Cafe

Treat Street Cafe
2nd Level Expansion Wing
Ayala Center Cebu

My friend treated me to sweet and savory treats at Treat Street Cafe. Between the two of us we shared a pie and two slices of cake. (Thankyouverymuch!!! Aren't I lucky to have such a generous and courageous—to break diet—friend?)

Clockwise from top: spicy lechon pie, honey toffee crunch cake, green tea black sesame cake

The spicy lechon pie (Php 110) was generously stuffed and not too spicy. The pie looks like it's good for one but I think it is best shared—shared with me, haha— unless you're really very hungry. The green tea and black sesame flavors of the green tea black sesame cake (Php 110) were distinct but neither overpowered the other. I think green tea lovers would like this, and green tea haters should still try this—and if they don't like it, they can give it to me. The honey toffee crunch cake (Php 80) was, for me, a winner. Toffee pieces were aplenty, and gave the cake just the right amount of sweetness. But if you have a low tolerance for sweets and your teeth ache from eating this, well, you know who to pass your plate to!

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All three were such a treat that I want to go back to this street (ok, café) to try everything else on the menu!


  1. That green tea with black sesame cake wasn't available when we went. I should go back for that. :D

    Laagholic Buyog