Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wisdom from the Road #25

On checking in for a flight
Web check–in.
Self check–in kiosks.
Use it.

When web check–in is offered, use it. If traffic is bad on your way to the airport, you don't have to worry about making it before the check–in counter closes... you only have to worry about making it for boarding.

When web check–in is offered but you have no access to the internet, worry about making it to the airport before the check–in counter closes. If you find yourself at the end of a mile long queue for the check–in counter, propel yourself toward the self check–in kiosks—which, in the Philippines, is usually devoid of any queues.

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  1. This is usually one of the first things we do after arriving in a destination. We find an internet cafe and web-check in our return flight if possible. If the flight is still days away, we web check-in a day or several hours before our flight. Saves us a lot of trouble. :)