Saturday, March 21, 2015

Adding Another Favorite Japanese Restaurant: Sachi

ML Quezon Avenue, Cabancalan, Mandaue City, Cebu
0925 500 9752

Lunch 11AM to 2PM, Monday to Saturday only
Dinner 5PM to 10PM, Daily

Photo from Sachi's facebook page

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I used to have two favorite Japanese restaurants in Cebu, now there are three. The third, Sachi, is a young one, having just opened last November 2014. And the reasons why Sachi made it to my favorites?
1. It's just in my neighborhood. (I admit, not a good reason for those living in Cebu City or Lapu–Lapu City.)
2. I love their okonomiyaki, a Japanese "pancake" or "pizza" made of cabbage and pork and/or squid, because it isn't drowned in sauce and mayo. I specifically like Sachi's pork and squid okonomiyaki.
3. For just Php 160, I can have a bowl of tender and tasty pork teriyaki with rice and a bowl of miso soup, too.
4. Sachi uses Japanese rice. (Which is kind of bad because Japanese rice is so yummy, I am bound to eat more.)
5. If the craving for ramen strikes, Sachi's shoyu ramen would nip it in the bud. The chashu (pork) is tender and the noodles is not overcooked.
6. Sachi makes their own ramen noodles.
7. Sachi offers oishii and affordable Japanese food.


  1. Come eat with me here sometime, neighbor! ;)

    Babe for Food

    1. Sige, maglakaw ta gikan sa inyo, para inig abot didto lami kaayo ikaon hihihihi (Hunger is the best cook raba ingon si Carlo Collodi, author of Pinnochio hehehe)

  2. Huhu makasuya. So many places so little time. 😭😘😘

    1. So little time? Abi nako you now have all the time in the world since you are no longer a corporate slave :D

  3. Haha where is this? I live in this neighborhood but I didn't know about this place lol.

    1. Hi Jenny. It's beside Pat's Badminton, near the Cabancalan Barangay Hall.