Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's Play Pretend

Nobody is too old to play pretend. What do you think those actors/actresses/models do for a living? By sheer lack of talent, not all of us can reach stardom. Because this bunch of oldies (comprised of my friends and I) are not Hollywood, Bollywood, whateverwood material, we paid to become stars and raised a ruckus by being our own audience during our exclusive performance at two different venues:

3rd Level, J Centre Mall, AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu
(032) 260 0777
Daily 10AM to 9PM

Admission Fees
Trick Art Museum Php 200
4D Ride Php 100

Trick Art Museum + 4D Ride Package (Until January 31, 2015) Php 200

Brgy. Gabi, Cordova, Cebu
(032) 236 3261
Daily 10AM to 10PM (last admission at 9PM)

Admission Fees
Museum Php 350 (adults) / Php 250 (children; free for 3 yrs old below) 
4D Ride Php 130

We had such a grand time pretending to feed animals or them feeding on us, to fall over waterfalls and ravines, to cross all sorts of bridges, to escape nasty accidents, to grow wings and to fly, to pull off a heist, to get eaten by monsters, to hang on for dear life,  to get shot and punched, to dodge arrows, bulls, and vans, and to have our heads and bodies chopped off. Each performance lasted two hours by my watch, but felt like two hours too soon. 

We bowed as the imaginary curtain fell amidst the cheers and laughter (and the rumbling stomachs, because it was nearly meal time) of our audience (ourselves).  It was the best performance of our lives!

Tips for an unforgettable show:
♦ Bring friends... everyone will have a part to play: actors, directors, cameramen, audience.
♦ Do not forget to bring a camera with fully charged batteries and an empty memory card.
♦ Leave your shyness at the door (along with your shoes if you're performing in Cebu Happy World Museum).
♦ Be silly. Be crazy. Use your imagination.
♦ Remember: Nobody is too old to play pretend.


  1. I am not particularly fond of optical illusions and for a cheapskate like me, this is rather expensive.

    FTW! Food, Travel & Whatevs Blog

    1. Yes, it is, specially Happy World. It's not everyone's cup of tea. This is just one of those things that when practicality is on a break, the impractical thief points his thumb-and-forefinger-gun and my wallet gives in.

  2. Nice how Cebu is finally engaging w/ art considering the many talented Cebuano artists.

    1. Which makes me wonder...who painted these, especially the ones in Happy World.

  3. so if i would like to visit only 1 museum which do you recomend?

    1. Hello. I would recommend Cebu Happy World Museum...the art is better :)