Sunday, January 11, 2015

Around the Northern Half of Batangas in Three Days

But this route here was done in two days over a dozen rides switching from jeepneys to tricycles to buses and injected with some sightseeing stops.

Don't mind that car up there. It took us two days on this route using public transportation.

We spent more time (and money) on the road than sightseeing
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To complete our circular route around the northern half of Batangas (look at the map, we went around Taal Lake! And look at the list of places we visited...Taal Lake is...missing!), we also went through Tagaytay, which is part of the province of Cavite. The original plan was to go through Laurel (for Malagaslas and Ambon–ambon Falls) from Caleruega to complete our circular route without going through Cavite, but frequent timechecks told us we wouldn't make it to the falls in Laurel, and so decided to make Tagaytay our little rest stop.

Traveling around Batangas using public modes of transportation, jeepneys especially, entails a lot of waiting or a bit of hurrying. Waiting...because most jeepneys wait until full before it starts running its route. And a bit of catch the last jeepney to another town: jeepneys on certain routes only operate until 4 or 5PM, like from Balayan to Calatagan, Tagaytay to Talisay, and Laurel to Tanauan.

Around the Northern Half of Batangas:
Around the Northern Half of Batangas in Three Days (you're here!)
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The Waterfalls of Laurel: Malagaslas and Ambon–Ambon
Lipa, Batangas: Casa de Segunda, San Sebastian Cathedral, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church
Where and What We Ate in Batangas

A Bit of Cavite in Between:
Wisdom from the Road #23
People's Park in the Sky


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    1. Warning... kapoy ang paghuwat sa jeepney hahahaha alas-puno ang jeep :D