Friday, August 1, 2014

Wisdom from the Road #18

On stopping hunger up in the air
When flying on a budget airline on a long flight,
don't forget to bring snacks.
Or lots of money.

We all know inflight food and drinks are expensive. And flying on a budget airline means no free snacks. So, I repeat, bring lots of money if you are willing to spend 100 pesos for a cup of instant noodles or bring your own snack stash. And, even if you have a lot of money, it is still better to bring a snack stash (but there are airlines that prohibit passengers from consuming food not bought from the flight, so eat your stash in secret). Especially if your flight is hours long and happens over meal time.

On a four–hour flight, I was so hungry I was willing to spend 200 pesos for a meal. I had my money out, but they had run out of rice meals (third lesson: pre-order your meal through the airline's website). I had to dig through my pasalubong bag (sorry, pasalubong recipient) or else let everyone in the plane suffer the rumblings of my stomach.

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