Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brique by 'Stache Eats Five

6pm, day after Sunday
I do some tasks in a hurry
The smell of hot
squash carrot soup's calling
The cars are crawling
I am starved

Up a step to the restaurant
I am wobbling on my toes
The diners are chowing down dinner
Clipboard menu of good food to choose from
And I read
I see lots of choices
I'm feeling more hungry
Than I ever was before

I'm at Brique and I'm ord'ring slowly
Read each page and I'm going nowhere
I'm at Brique and I'm ord'ring slowly

Last order is at X:30
I call the waiter once again
I get Smoked Fish Dip as a starter
And Truffled Shoestring Potatoes
I can't stop
Fish Provencal I'm dying for
And Bibingka Creme Brulee
I think that's enough for now

I'm at Brique and I'm eating happy
Off the plate and food's headed somewhere
I'm at Brique and I'm eating happy

As dishes go by
It showed that Brique is so fine
I told them, "Brique...congratulations"
Wine cork popped, my button popped
'Cause I was full...bursting

Driving back to my office
For the moment I am woozy
But it's just my stomach
I am too full
And I know it

Ate at Brique and I'm very lucky
Creative Cuisine is growing everywhere
Eat at Brique and you'll be burping loudly 

Brique Modern Kitchen
42 Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City (beside Chikaan)
(032) 414 1720
Weekdays 10AM to 11PM
Weekends 7AM to 11PM

Bring some Good Company for a feast of Good Food.


Please read again and sing to the tune of Brick by Ben Folds Five

Notes about the song:

Stanza I
I got invited to the day–before–opening–day event. (The invitation made me think Brique was a sandwich shop.) The event was on a Monday and I was running an hour late.

Stanza II and III
When I got to Brique, everyone was already enjoying their food. The server handed me a menu and I was surprised by the options: Brique was more than just a sandwich shop.

Stanza IV
I took my two friends' advice and we had the smoked fish dip (Php 140), truffled shoestring potatoes (Php 250), fish provencal (Php 260), and bibingka creme brulee (Php 60).

Stanza V
I liked the food, especially the truffled shoestring potatoes with sriracha mayo, fish provencal, and bibingka creme brulee. Mozzarella is my favorite cheese so the smoked fish dip was good enough for me.

Stanza VI, VII, VIII
Companions also ordered the squash and carrot soup (Php 140), Arabian salad (Php 275), drunken angus (Php 370), salted caramel chocolate cake (Php 90), and veggie garden juice (Php 90). The starters and salads were good for three to four persons. Soup for one, if really hungry; two, if feeling generous. Entrees and desserts were good for one. The soup and salad were good, though nothing fancy. My friend was raving about the drunken angus. I found the salted caramel of the chocolate cake too salty. The celery in the veggie garden juice was too strong for my taste. All in all, Brique is a good place for a good meal with good company.


  1. I knew the poem sounded like the song. Hahahaha awesome post.

    1. Heheheh thanks Zhequia! Suwayi nya ug kanta hehehe

  2. I loved their Spinach & Gorgonzola dip, Fish in Spinach white wine cream sauce, S'mores, and Bibingka Brûlée! The interiors are really nice, too. :D

    Babe for Food

    1. Wala ko ka try ana tanan. Except the creme brulee. Suway nya ko ana :D Looking forward to your Brique review ;)