Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Choose Choux Cream Puffs

In a local forum, there are mixed reviews of Choux (pronounced as "shoe") cream puffs. Some absolutely love it. Some totally hate it. I, myself, totally hated it. At first. That was a month or two ago.

On second try (I have no idea why I tried it again), I absolutely loved it. Maybe because this time it was fresh from the oven and the cream was smooth, just a tad sweet, and oozing at first bite (and second bite, and third. They were very generous with the cream.)

Shou cream Php 38 (1 box/5 pcs, Php 170)
Small Shou cream (1 pack/9 pcs, Php 100)
Fruit shou Php 40 (1 box/5 pcs, Php 180)
Swan shou, which is the same as the Shou cream, just shaped like a swan Php 50 (4 pcs, Php 180)

Creams puffs from Choux are entirely different from Chewy Junior's. I choose Choux for the simplicity and Chewy Junior for the chocolate flavors.

Gaisano Country Mall, Banilad, Cebu City
(Outside the supermarket)
0915 875 3073


  1. Only in Cebu? T_T

    I love your logo, haha. It's so cute!

    1. Thanks Mr Corrales!
      Yup, Choux is in Cebu only.

  2. What a coincidence! I posted about this too!

  3. batia sad aning wa tay kuyog aning mga kaon2 oi xD nc post boss

    1. Thanks Dualicious! Hahah mo agree ko anang bati na way kuyog kaon :D

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah Chewy Junior! Duol ra kaayo sa imong balay hehehe