Sunday, September 22, 2013

Going Solo

Going Solo

Most people know Roald Dahl as the author of children's books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. These four books were made into movies. But that's not all Roald Dahl wrote. He wrote books for children, teens, and even adults.

The first Roald Dahl book I read was Going Solo. Roald Dahl's memoir written for adults. What was on the backside of the book that made me decide to read it?

"In 1938 Roald Dahl was fresh out of school and bound for his first job in Africa, hoping to find adventure far from home. However, he got far more excitement than he bargained for when the outbreak of the Second World War led him to join the Royal Air Force (RAF)."

With only 210 pages, I finished it in no time. His experiences were, to use his words, "totally enthralling." This is the book that got me reading as many Roald Dahl books as I could get my hands on. If anyone has his other memoir, "Boy", do let me borrow. Please?

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  1. How I wish I also have the passion of reading books. I tried it before but i can't finish an entire novel...I'd rather eat than read books. LoL!

    1. Abi nako mo ingon ka you'd rather eat the books hehehe :D Just kidding Fred!