Monday, February 4, 2013

Once Upon a ChaChoi Time Part 3: Turned to a King

Goooong! It sounded like that in my head when I saw this.

We went to Choi City, accompanied by Mark, to fill our stomachs again. Upon arriving, we heard greetings everywhere. Almost everything was in red and gold - the Chinese colors for luck, wealth, and prosperity. They had V.I.P. rooms upstairs and they had reserved for us Kowloon, named after an urban peninsula in Hong Kong.


Photos of Choi City's customers

Recognition and write-ups hanging on the stairwell

Before the food tasting started, I asked Mark if I could invite my parents and he said "of course". I phoned my folks but can't pull them out of their comfort zones because it was past dinner time. I did not expect the royal treatment and thought it would be like MIP's food tasting where only bloggers had been invited. However this one was more of the family bonding eat out. Oh boo!


The Dining Table

So it happened that in a VIP room with a table good for 12 diners only two not-so hungry beggars will be eating. Oh well, I guess they'll be giving us a meager meal, seeing only two heads.

But lo and behold, they served us with:

Xiao Long Bao and Shrimp Hakao

Siomai and Steamed Spareribs with Taosi

Yang Chao Fried Rice and Pan-fried Pao

Spring Roll, Raddish Cake, and Pepper Spare Ribs

Hot Taro Cream Sago

Did you know, dear Readers, that if I rate food, aside from the taste, I had to consider hunger and energy as a contributing factor?

Well, at Choi City we weren't hungry. But all food they served tasted really good. I would've loved to tell you how each dish tasted, but I'll just summarize it this way - everything was better than others on its field.  And it's a bit gutsy to say, considering the dinner was on the house, but with all due respect to other Chinese restaurants, Choi City is top on the list.

I gave an estimate of Php 3,000 for that 4-5 person meal, but Kim said "It would only cost less than Php 2,000." That makes it Php 400+ per person. Still above average than my usual cheapo budget, but if you want to taste quality and authentic Chinese cuisine then Choi City is real value for the money.

It was impossible to devour everything and Kim was kind enough to give the portions we didn't finish as a take-out. We had stomachs filled to the brim and smiles circumferenced on our faces.

Great to know:
  • Opened in Cebu last November 19, 2010
  • Awarded 2012 Chinese Restaurant of the Year
  • Choi City has four experienced foreign chefs directly in charge of their kitchen:
    • Executive Chef Siu Beng Keung
    • Sous Chef He Jiu Jie
    • Dimsum Chef Zhan Jun Rong
    • Roasting Chef Li Shao Hui
  • They have meeting amenities for corporate meetings, gatherings, and special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Get value both in time and money as they arrange everything from provisions of LCD projectors, sound system, laptops, and, for corporate meetings, pens, writing pads and free flowing coffee.
  • You can customize your own party package and choose from over 300 dishes, starting from as low as Php 408.
  • If you happen to eat there on your birthday, they have a special birthday song for you. :)

The Grand CHOInese Lunch - Eat all you can Shabu-Shabu and Dimsum is back. Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine plus bottomless iced tea for only Php 398. Available from 11AM to 3PM, Mondays thru  Fridays from January 21, 2013 to May 31, 2013. With this, you can also get a chance to win an iPad mini. Nice!
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Choi City
Banilad Town Center, Banilad, Cebu City
(032) 239 0999 / (032) 239 0800
Twitter: @choi_city

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  1. Bad Mustachio.. you did it again! Tsk. Living the good blogging life. Great job!

  2. this place is kinda pricey... but i love their pekeng duck... :D

    1. To save, come in numbers. The servings are good for 3-4 pips. :)

  3. Now I know already where to get my Xiao Long Bao fix. :)

    Baktin Corporation

    1. Yeah! Ingna nya ko what you think of it :D