Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is Big Flat Bread a Bakeshop?

Is this a new bakeshop? Nope, but I did think so.

Big Flat Bread (BFB) is a PIZZA chain that opened in Cagayan de Oro in 2009, became popular, and has since expanded - two branches in Cagayan de Oro, one branch each in Palawan and Butuan, and recently in Cebu.

We brought ourselves to The Ridges in Mabolo (beside Sykes Building) to check out the new branch. We arrived past 4PM, and looking around, there were only ten customers including us. Good, since the space is quite compact.

Just on the left of the entrance, you can see a big pseudo chalkboard that has their menu on it. BFB adds a classic approach to the pizza jungle - Big pizzas. The pizza comes in 3 sizes: Big (12"), Bigger (18"), and Biggest (30").

My eyes went straight to the words "Healthy Me". It's a cream sauce pizza which suits those who want more veggies on their dough. It has mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, olives, and white onions. I'm not trying to be healthy, just that recently I've been craving for vegetables - lentils, tomatoes, pinakbet, to name a few. I even considered a plant to meat ratio of 3:1 (75% should be plant-based). 

Since I was serious about my veggie cravings, my date joked that we try the meat-packed Heart Attack or the tastes-like-tacos Tijuana Feast. If we had brought our friends, it would have been possible to try two or three choices, which would also include their bestseller, The Godfather Pizza. But one Big pizza is enough to fill two hungry stomachs, so we ended up ordering the Healthy Me and added the Spudsters (potato Mojos) as emergency fillers.

The Healthy Me was a good choice. Tomatoes, onions, and olives, to name a few, was all it took for this cream sauce pizza to satisfy us. The Mojos were better than what other food chains serve. My date liked dipping the ample sliced potatoes in the gravy. They also have other dips that cost Php40 each, but the free gravy is already good enough.

After all that saltiness, what better way to wash out that taste with a sweet Warm Brownie Bowl? This one was 50/50 for me and my date for the reason that 50% of it was warm and soft, while the other half was cooled to brownie hardness. Nevertheless, we munched on it until the bowl was clean.

Aside from pizza and mojos, they also have chicken, pasta, nachos, and Beer Below Zero. Their bestsellers are the Big Hot Fried Chicken and Buffalo Wings.

BFB also serves Big Meal set meals good for 12-15 people for Php2500. You will have to bring the barkada since this meal includes two Bigger pizzas, three pasta platters, one basket of Big Hot Fried Chicken, and two pitchers of Big Flat Coolers/softdrinks.

Who has tried the crocodile pizza? How does it taste?

Cheese shaker. T'was my first time to see one.
Chili sauce.

Big Flat Bread is worth the try. It's new and it has something to offer. Bring your crowd because the BFB experience, with its "Biggest" pizza serving, surely fits an equally "biggest" gang.

Other notes:
  • The Ridges Mabolo has a spacious parking area
  • BFB delivers including softdrinks and beer

PS. Hey BFB, how about a pizza eating contest? ;)

Big Flat Bread (Cebu)
The Ridges Mabolo, F. Cabahug St. (beside Sykes Bldg.), Mabolo, Cebu City
(032) 422 7107 / 0917 401 8004
Mondays to Thursdays 10AM - 12MN

How vegetable cravings made a Big fat hole on Mustachio's pocket:
Big Healthy Me Pizza Php248
Spudsters Php88
Warm Brownie Bowl Php78


  1. I love love their pizza! You were not around during the Media Launch!

  2. go plant-based diet! :D can't wait to taste your lentils hehe

    1. I always forget to buy. Tanawon nako if naa sa fooda.

  3. nice animation (that what u call it?) details to the photos! :))

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

  4. You guys should try Jango's chocolate experience (brownie cup)! only P69! At talamban across family park. :D

    1. Sure! Craving for sweets also. Thanks for the tip! :)