Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's Get Fit

How does one get fit? By putting on running shoes and heading to the park for a jog.

How do I Get Fit?! By putting on my running shoes and stopping short of CemPark's gate.

An establishment baptized with the name Get Fit would summon images of treadmills, barbells, exercise machines, and big muscled men. Looking inside the walls of Get Fit will erase all those images and be replaced with a roaster oven and refrigerators behind counters, and benches and glass-topped picnic tables.

Let us not dwell on the name and proceed with the main course. They have liempo, beef tapa, pork tapa... Hmmm... doesn't sound too healthy, does it? And it doesn't sound interesting either. I can find those just about anywhere. The tiny difference is the side dish. Your meal will include cabbage kimchi, water kimchi, and kimchi-ish soup. For Php 60 to Php 80 a meal, you get a glass of iced tea too.

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In the Philippines, pictures on menus are there to entice you but it doesn't mean what you see (on the menu) is what you get. We only got a spoonful each of cabbage kimchi and water kimchi with our meal. Check the menu and tell me if I should get my eyes checked.

Beef tapa (left) and liempo (right)

Kimchi-ish soup that comes with each saver meal

Kimchi rice bowl

The server let us try the myeolchi bokkum (stir fried anchovies) for free

My buddy's beef tapa was a bit sweet and I would have wanted to trade it with my ordinary tasting liempo. Over the course of the meal, he pointed out that the soup's too oily because of scraps of liempo in it but that did not stop me from scooping it into my mouth.

Get Fit's food doesn't stand out from the crowd but if you're hankering for some kimchi and rice with less than a hundred pesos in your pocket, then I can't think of a better place than here.

If you're wondering why the owner named his diner Get Fit, we can wonder together. I have no idea. Neither does the server.

Get Fit
J Panis St., Banilad, Cebu City
(032) 416 7039
Daily 10AM - 9PM

How getting fit by eating bore a hole in Mustachio's pocket:
Get Fit Savers F1 Liempo Php 75
Get Fit Savers F3 Beef Tapa Php 80
Kimchi Rice Bowl Php 35

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