Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ding Dong, Dong's All Gone

And this is how I spent my money in Vietnam and Cambodia (gray text). Deducting the expenses for Cambodia, Vietnam set me back about Php 7,000, not including airfare and shopping.

How Vietnam and Cambodia clawed thru Mustachio's pocket

Remember, I couchsurfed for a night, took part in one wedding feast, and was fed a total of four homecooked meals. If none of these came my way, I would have spent about a thousand pesos more.

Eight days/eight nights, four stops (Phnom Penh, Mui Ne, Da Lat, Saigon), ten thousand pesos. The end.

Veni, Vidi, (South) Vietnam:
Do You...?
What's in a (Business) Name? Vietnam
Bed Hopping
Adopting a Fellow Traveler
Strolling Saigon
From Concrete City to Sand Town
From Sand Town to the Highlands
Would You Call Us Lucky or Unlucky?
Wedding Crashers
Vietnom Nom Nom
Ding Dong, Dong's All Gone (you're here!)


  1. Question: The Philippines travel tax is also paid in a counter as the terminal fee? I though it is usually added to the flight ticket.

    And 550PHP is when departing from Cebu, right? I paid 700PHP last year from Manila. Do you know by any chance the airport fee from Clark to International flights?

    1. Hi Noelfy! The Philippine travel tax is different from the terminal fee. The travel tax, when you buy tickets online, is not included in the ticket price, but is paid at the airport. Don't worry, it is only applicable to Filipino citizens. As for the international terminal fee, they have lowered it to Php 550 in Manila (I flew Manila to Saigon this trip since there's no direct flight from Cebu). And lastly, according to this site http://www.dmia.ph/faq.htm the international terminal fee at Clark is Php 450.

  2. Ok, i will make sure I have enough pesos! Anyway, I will come back in February, so no problem if there is anything left :D