Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cheesestick Charlie

With all the chicken delis popping out in every corner, how should one stand out against the flock?

Here are some of Mustachio's Cuckoo tips:

Cuckoo 1: Your restaurant should be neat, clean, and sleek. Use more orange paint perhaps.

 Clean and neat hangout on the outside. More orange paint used here.

A little sleek design inside. Well polished, Mr Charlie!

Added factor is a smiling staff.

Cuckoo 2: Make your non-chicken dishes explosive.

Top to bottom: Value meal A, Charlie's bowl, Cheesestick dynamites

The Cheesestick Dynamites were explosive*. Please disregard the other two dishes, both chicken, they taste ordinary. But boy oh boy, the Cheesestick was a standout. Who would have thought that JalapeƱos stuffed with melted cheese and rolled in carenderia-esque lumpia wrappers (with the JalapeƱo stem protruding) could be a flavorful blast*?  Try this one, and tell me if it packed the same punch to your taste buds as mine.

*cliche pun intended

Chicken Charlie
Level 1, eBloc Tower 2, Cebu IT Park
Lahug, Cebu City
(032) 266 9779
Daily 9AM - 12MN

How this chicken with a different feather flocked my coins together:
Value Meal A (1 pc drumstick + rice + iced tea) Php 83
Charlie's Bowl Php 59
Cheesestick Dynamites (5 pcs) Php 83


  1. I would never in a million years eat the jalapeno! I even skip that during our samgyupsal night outs. :D

    1. I also leave the peppers alone when I eat samgyeopsal. Proof here: But these cheesesticks are oh so good!!!