Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rally the Army for Foodpick

Hi there, Mustached Friend!
Can I have a minute with you?
Let's do a simple experiment (really simple).

1. Pick up your cellphone. Make sure it's loaded.
2. Type this:
    search army
3. Send to:
    0922 611 3119 (Sun and Smart) or
    0917 310 8200 (Globe)

What's the reply?

Pretty nice, huh?! It's a new SMS-based food and restaurant guide made for diners in Cebu. The guide includes the restaurant's operating hours, location, bestseller, and more. Can you do reservations via SMS? A big YES. What's better is that the restaurants are updated and new ones are added from time to time. That also means knowing the latest in discounts and promos in the food/dining community (think airline-piso-fares caliber). And by the way, it's FREE!*

Some restaurants that are on the list:
The Gustavian
Red Mango
Oyster Bay
Mooon Cafe
Hungry Juan
and more...

This innovation is brought to you by Foodpick. Never heard of it? It's a good time to check the site, it's quite visionary. With all the apps and smart phones looming around, Foodpick chose the easiest way for diners to know where, when, and what to eat. As someone who blogs about food and dining, this really is helpful.

Calamari Teaser

There are things that only bloggers understand and share. I truly believe that. And Foodpick deserves to be shared. So save the numbers above, blog about Foodpick, share it on your social media site, and talk about it to your friends.

And when someone asks: "Where do you want to eat tonight?"
Answer: "Let's Foodpick!"

*for those on unlimited text promos


  1. I use Foodspotting too! This is an app for Android and iPhone users who post photos of latest food finds and what they can recommend. It's quite fun, it's like Tweeting but more on food.

    1. Interesting! Too bad I don't have an Android or iPhone. I am stuck in the stone age.

    2. You can still be a member even without a phone, you can log in online like FB. :)
      This is my profile:

    3. Great! They cater to cavemen like me! Thanks for the tip :-) I'll check it out.

    4. Woah, that Foodspotting app just rang a bell in my ears! hahaha. Thanks, Zhequia! :)

    5. I guess you guys missed the whole point of foodpick, it's SMS based!

  2. Impressive. I tried it, Thanks Mustachio :D
    Ciao ♥

    ~Big food

  3. Hey, doesn't this sound familiar to you? Like, My Eatinerary! Sayang to nga project da. Steven's busy man gud. Tsk2x. Hehe. Like the post, btw. I thought you're the content for this app. Haha. :)

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Yup, quite similar to My Eatinerary. Wala na sya plan padayonon to? Nindot man to :-)