Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Firozian Checkmates Your Hunger

Haven't you noticed? Indian restaurants have been growing out of nowhere.
If you missed the first two episodes, links are here: Episode #1 and Episode #2.

At Don Jose Avila Street in Capitol Site in the city of Cebu lies this little tea house which houses five low tables with little divans and a bunch of pillows, and two chess tables that double as a dining table.

Indian music

Cast of characters:
Ms. Chinni Chicken
Don't let her fool you. She can catch you off guard: she is both sweet and racy.

Mr. Durum 
A hefty, meaty man but is really chicken inside.

Ms. Lassi 
You can call her Rose. She is the best lassi in Cebu.

The Frugurts
Ms Strawberry Frugurt and Mr Mango Frugurt are a smooth couple
who are cold and sweet at the same time.

Little Gulab Jamun
Don't let his size fool you. He can overpower the Frugurts...in the sweetness category.

Capt. Baklava 
A tough man who smells a bit like cinnamon and is a little nutty. Not my most favorite character.

The extras made an appearance for free.

More characters I have yet to get to know:
Especially the Teas. It is their house after all.

Did you know?
The Firozian staff knows how to play chess.

Episode Review:
★★★★★ of 5
This episode has got me screaming for more!

Firozian Indian Tea House
Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site, Cebu City
0917 990 5897
0932 241 4850
10AM - 11PM Daily

How this episode got Mustachio's wallet screaming for more-der:
Chinni chicken Php 150
Durum Php 80
Lassi  Php 70
Mango frugurt Php 90
Strawberry frugurt Php 90
Baklava Php 40
Gulab Jammun Php 40
Chips Php 0

Wait! What's this?
Fortune telling while you wait?


  1. hai di ko masyado gusto yung taste ng indian food :(

  2. I've been there too and didn't like my lassi and gulab jamon. Maybe I should try the food sometime. Looks good. :D

    Try Taste of India!

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Really? I actually liked the lassi! Not so much on the desserts (and to think I love sweets). I've seen Taste of India but it hasn't lured me into it yet. How's the value for money?

  3. I have wanted to try out Middle Eastern Cuisine. All this lassi talk got me excited. Added to my list. :)

    1. How long's your list? So many places to try, so little funds! Wahhh!!

  4. Have never tried out Indian food but because of your features we're planning to try it out.
    Thanks Mustachio! :D

  5. love the way you wrote this post! :) The cast of characters is funny! Firozian could possibly be the best Indian restaurant here in Cebu, not that we have many choices around.

    1. Why, thank you! These are rare times :D Have you tried Mr. India? I like their samosas (my blogpost for it is gathering dust in my draft folder hahaha)

  6. yummy yummy I tested during our meeting!

  7. This is one of my most favourite Indian places. I almost always order the butter chicken when I go there. Their tea is really good too!

    1. I have been there several times but I don't think I ever tried the butter chicken haha. Yup, their tea is really good! I can drink a whole pot.