Friday, September 16, 2011

Look What I Found! Frozen Yogurt Bars!

Shall we have some dessert after Topokki Man?
Found these at Assi Mart, a Korean mini mart located at Rosedale Center, for Php 35 each.

Yomamte Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bar

Yomamte Peach Frozen Yogurt Bar

And you thought I was already full! Hey, there's always room for a yogurt bar or two. So which is yummier? Strawberry or peach? Strawberry gets a drool rating of 10, while peach gets 7. In my tastebud's opinion.

Also found ginseng ice cream. Strange flavor for an ice cream? Nevertheless I shall try that one next time.


  1. Assi Mart is love! They have condom icecream there. :)

  2. Condom ice cream? I can't picture it in my head 8-\ This I got to see!!

  3. I love Yomamte Strawberry Frozen Yogurt too! I bought mine in Sonamoo, a Korean store in Ortigas, for P25.00

    1. Yeah, pretty expensive in Assi Mart here in Cebu. But I did find Yomamte in the supermarket for Php25. Which reminds me, I haven't had this for over a year. Oh drool.