Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ah Phets Conversation with You

You with your nose scrunched up: Ah phooey! Another food post.
Mustachio with a sheepish grin: Sorry, the brain cells in charge of travel have been hibernating. No, I haven't turned into a full time food blogger. I leave that to the experts! I'm an expert at stuffing my face with anything that looks edible but with my limited foodabulary and my need for a tastetionary, I will never be a connoisseur of food.
You: What did you stuff yourself with this time?
Mustachio: Soy chicken and rice from Ah Phets in Green Orkid Commercial Complex on Escario Street (Cebu City). It's a no frills noodle house that also offers rice toppings. Oh, and I had a forkful of beef brisket noodles, too.

You with an eyebrow raised: Just a forkful?
Mustachio: It's rude to eat everything on somebody else's plate. Somebody else's bowl I mean.
You looking surprised: Ah, you had a date!
Mustachio: It's boring eating alone. With a date, I can rant or rave about the food on the spot. Without one, I have to suffer in silence. Literally suffer if the food's heinous.
You: Did you rant or rave over your meal?
Mustachio with a poker face: Neither. My soy chicken was tender and it wasn't dry, that's the good part. The taste was just so-so.

You: How about that forkful of noodles?
Mustachio: It somehow reminded me of Chowking. Is that good or bad?
You: No comment. I don't eat at Chowking. And the broth?
Mustachio: My date, the owner of that bowl of noodles, found it rather weak.

You, at a loss for words: ...
Mustachio: Don't take my word for it. Ah Phets offers other dishes too and I have only tried these two. I read somewhere that their siopao's delicious. But we don't have the same taste buds, what may be delicious for me might be ho hum for you, and vice versa.

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How this ho hum meal tore a not so ho hum hole in Mustachio's pocket:
Beef brisket noodles (solo) Php 65
Soy spring chicken with rice Php 99
Bottled water Php 20

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