Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Malapascua Notes 2022

Going to Malapascua

From North Bus Terminal, take the bus (Php 306, aircon bus) or van (Php 350) to New Maya Port (4.5 hours). If going by car, there are parking areas outside the New Maya Port. Parking fee is Php100 per day. At the New Maya Port, go to the Tourist Information Office—if you're too lazy to walk from the parking area to the Tourist Office inside the port, you can take the habalhabal/motorcycle (Php 20)—where you need to show your booking confirmation, write your name on a log sheet, and pay the environmental fee (Php 75 for locals; Php 120 for foreigners). Then you can proceed to the ticketing area to buy a ticket (Php 200 per person) for the public boat to Logon Port in Malapascua. Boat trips are every 30 minutes, but the trip will be cancelled if the number of persons do not reach 10. If you're a large group, you can also opt to hire a boat (Php 2000).

Arriving in Malapascua

At Logon Port, you need to write your name and contact number on a logbook. You can either walk to your accommodation or hire a motorcycle (fare is from Php 20 to Php 50, depending on your destination). The motorcycle fare going to Aabana on the easternmost end of Bounty Beach is Php 30. The motorcycle fare going to D'Avila's Horizon or Logon Beach at the northern part of Malapascua is Php 50.

Staying in Malapascua

There are so many accommodations to choose from. A few along Logon Beach (port area), several along Bounty Beach (the main beach area with many dive shops and restaurants), some in the barrio (inland), and a resort here and there sprinkled in other parts of the island.

Logon Beach (Port area)
  • Tepanee
  • Angelina Beach Resort
  • Blanco Beach Resort
  • White Sand Bungalows
  • Kokay's Maldito Dive Resort
  • Thresher Shack
Bounty Beach
  • Blue Corals Beach Resort
  • Mabuhay Thresher Dive Resort
  • Blue Heaven Dive Resort
  • Malapatel (behind Thresher Shark Divers Dive Shop)
  • Malapascua Beach and Dive Resort
  • Cocobana
  • Little Mermaid Dive Resort
  • Ocean Vida
  • Malapascua Legend
  • Hippocampus
  • DaƱo
  • Johan
  • Exotic
  • Evolution
  • Aabana
North Beach
  • D'Avila's Horizon Malapascua

Activities in Malapascua

  • Swim (of course!)
  • Stroll along Bounty Beach
  • Scuba dive
  • Boat tour (Php 300 per person, minimum of 4 persons; Php 1200 if less that 4 persons) – The tour will take you around the island and has four stops: Coral Garden (snorkeling), North Beach (aka Langob Beach), Japanese Shipwreck (snorkeling), and Dakit-dakit Coral Reef (snorkeling). Mask and snorkel rental is Php100. Our contact for the boat tour was Randy 0936 455 3629.
  • Motorcycle tour around the island
  • Massage by the beach (Php 450 for 1 hour) or at Buena Vida Spa
  • Catch the sunrise at the eastern end of Bounty Beach
  • Savor the sunset at Logon Beach
  • Go on a day trip to Kalanggaman Island. It costs 1500 per person for the boat trip and lunch. At Kalanggaman Island, an entrance fee of 150 (Filipino citizens) / 500 (international tourists) will be collected.

Eating in Malapascua

There are several restaurants along Bounty Beach and maybe three along Logon Beach.

Angelina, an Italian restaurant located on Logon Beach, is one I always try to eat at whenever I am in Malapascua (but only one meal because it is quite expensive for me; pizza costs upwards of Php375, pasta upwards of Php 370, a scoop of gelato for Php100).

A popular and less expensive option is to go to the "market" where there are food stalls. Some of these stalls also sell fresh seafood that they can cook it for you.

 * Prices and information are as of October 2022.

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