Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Wisdom from the Road #71

On learning
We can learn something quickly out of necessity.

Sometime late October 2017, weather reports for days have warned the public of a super typhoon that was making its way to Japan. And as luck would have it, it was to make landfall in central Japan on the day of my flight to Nagoya.

Of course, Cebu Pacific, when I called twice to inquire about the flight, would only say "flight is still confirmed" when other airlines have already cancelled flights for Nagoya (and Osaka and Tokyo)!

I never cared about understanding the map that came with the severe weather advisory, but this time I quickly learned to read the tropical cyclone track map in PAGASA and Japan Meteorological Agency. There was no way this typhoon was going to change course on the day of my flight or make landfall before or after my flight's arrival, so why the heck was Cebu Pacific not cancelling the flight?

They did cancel the flight...on the day, just hours before the flight to Nagoya, when I had already arrived in Manila.

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