Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Rizal Roadtrip: Pililla Wind Farm and Pinto Art Museum

The drive from Taguig to Pililla was about two hours and we reached the Pililla Wind Farm an hour or two before noon.

The Pililla Wind Farm has a total of 27 125-meter tall windmills. The Wind Farm produces 54MW of wind power a year and can provide electricity to about 66,000 households in Manila. Awesome, huh?

The Pililla Wind Farm is open to the public and has a Visitor's Center where one can learn about this renewable energy project by Alterenergy. The Visitor's Center also affords a view of Laguna de Bay. A windy place this is—not a great place to take a selfie, but definitely a perfect location for a wind farm.

Laguna de Bay

The towering windmills would have been best viewed from a distance. We found a little elevated area—behind the windmill nearest to the Visitor's Center—that we could climb (for Php10 since it is privately owned) for a view of the neighboring hills and the tall white wind turbines piercing the sky.

The windmills of Pililla as seen from the little hill

From Pililla Wind Farm we made a quick stop for lunch before proceeding to feast our eyes on some art at Pinto Art Museum.

Pinto Art Museum
1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo City, Rizal
Tuesday to Sunday 9AM to 6PM
Admission fee Php200 adults / Php100 students (must present valid school ID)

Pinto Art Museum, located in a private subdivision, is a complex of different galleries housed in beautifully designed buildings surrounded by lush greenery. There are many Instagram-worthy outdoor spots but visitors were nowhere to be found—it had started to rain and they have taken refuge in the galleries.

Six of the eight galleries house the museum's collection of contemporary art by Filipino artists. That's six galleries of interesting pieces of paintings and sculptures!

Pinto Art Museum also has a small gallery for its Mindanao Collection, and another gallery for its Museum of Primitive Art which houses carvings from Ifugao.

We spent about two hours looking at the hundreds of pieces of art in this museum, and that's two hours well spent!

Huge thank you to Brennan of The Weekend Dispatch and his friends for organizing this roadtrip!

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