Thursday, March 1, 2018

Wisdom from the Road #61

On seat sales

Do you go on a booking frenzy when an airline goes on a seat sale (promotion)? Do you even think about where you want to go and when you want to go or do you just book any random destination on any day as long as it's a super cheap fare?

I used to go on panic mode when there were seat sales, especially the really low-priced ones where one can get a roundtrip ticket for an international flight for less than 2000 pesos. When these surprise promotions would come I didn't have any travel plans plotted out 10 to 12 months in advance, therefore no specific destination in mind. And if I did find really cheap fares for whatever destination I had become interested in in that instant, I didn't know if anyone would come with me and would be willing to book a ticket with me right away. So most of the time I'd end up booking nothing.

Now, I think ahead and have a rough plan of where I want to go 10 to 12 months in the future. I have these three things in mind: destination, number of days for the trip, and the month or (flexible) dates I want to go.

And then I set a higher budget for the plane ticket, in case I can't score these really cheap tickets for the destination and dates I am aiming for.


  1. I used to be like this too. I bought tons of tickets that I got through these sales (about 1-2k round trip) thinking that I am actually saving money, but maybe most of it I wasn't able to use due to conflicts from work :| Like you, I now set more budget for tickets and try to plan to avoid the hassle.

    1. High five! I have also noticed that the sale usually doesn't include flights on weekends and holidays. I ideally want a trip that's weekend to weekend (or would include a holiday) so I don't have take too many vacation leaves from work.