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Kansai Diaries, Day 8.75: Dizzying Dotonbori

November 30, 2016
Around 7pm, maybe

After checking in and settling in my room in Hotel Mikado, I debated with myself whether to grab dinner from a nearby convenience store or to go to Osaka's kitchen: Dotonbori. The thought of it being my last night in Osaka, thus the last chance to see Dotonbori at night, propelled me to the nearest subway station.

It was just a 4-minute ride from Dobutsuen-mae Station to Namba Station, but when I stumbled out of Namba Station, I was dizzy with hunger. Exacerbated by the wall of people that greeted me when I turned the corner to Dotonbori. I almost did a 180-degree turn and marched away. But the lights beyond the 100-deep people magnetized me and I squeezed my way through.

Upon seeing this, I almost made a 180-degree turn and marched away

The lights and the giant signboards all around gave me a jolt of energy and I momentarily forgot about my hunger, and did not mind weaving and dodging the human obstacles around me. There was a giant crab, humongous gyoza, a big floating pufferfish, a massive scallop, etc.

 Giant crab

 Humongous gyoza, and a large, pink octopus

 Big floating pufferfish, and a massive scallop

But then the medley of smells wafting from all directions reminded me that I was here to eat. I know I should find a busy restaurant with a queue of customers because that means the food is good, but I was too hungry to wait in line. I veered to the right, to a less busy street, and found myself entering Hanamaruken. The ramen is supposed to be really good here, but I decided to order just chahan (Japanese fried rice) and gyoza (dumplings).


Chahan, gyoza, and soup

After dinner, I got out into the chilly night to find the Glico Man for an obligatory tourist photo, and then walked off my dinner along Dotonbori River.

 Glico Man

Dotonbori River

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